Duplicating Metropolis
I have 2 PC's and 2 android boxes and would like to set up one perfectly and then duplicate the rest. Is there a way to copy a setup like in Titan?
All of Metropolis's settings are held in "kodi\userdata\addon_data\skin.metropolis" in the settings.xml file.
And the menu settings are held in "kodi\userdata\addon_data\script.skinshortcuts"
If you install Metropolis, then copy the contents of those folders to the new install and then reboot, Metropolis should be the same, however, Kodi settings will have to be set manually.

If you are using Openelec or Libreelec they have a backup and restore function that might do all of it in Programs.
Using two 2820FYKH0 Intel NUCs, a Revo 1600, and a Foxconn NT-330i - All running OpenELEC. :)
This is a big help. Thank you so much and Thank you for your hard work on this skin.
MacGyver, since I have gone to the windows store version of Krypton 17.3 I have not been able to replicate my windows box with the file listed above. It does not seem to be the correct file anymore....? What folder holds the Metropolis settings? Is it hidden due to our friends at MS?
You want:
trogggy, Thank you so much.
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