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kevle88000e Offline
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I'm new to Xperience1080 on kodi 16 and i experience an issue, while i add some custom item it seem's they are not saved, if i restart kodi (nor libreElec) my custom items disappear.

Here is my kodi.log :

Before this boot, i've added a youtube custom item, then i've reboot and no more custom item, then re-adding youtube custom item, then getting log file

Anyone have an idea of what happen and how can i solve it?

Thanks in advance
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Funky_Funked Offline
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Home-screen customizations (widget, shortcuts) are only saved permanently for me if i go to *Settings->Skin-Settings->Reload skin* BEFORE restarting Kodi. After that, restart Kodi and check if it worked.
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ederson Offline
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thanks Funky_Funked!!!

I had the same issue (kodi 16 - firestick) but your work around works !
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