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SPDIF and 5.1 ogg /acc/mp4 output
i want to use logitech z-680 speakers with spdif from the xbox.  i wanted to know if the xbmp or xbmc can output 5.1 from ogg /acc/mp4.

otherwise i would leave my movies as divx + ac3 for sound since i know ac3 support with 5.1 will be coming out soon.

the xbox can output 5.1 from any source, assuming that xbmc can decode the source file. unfortunately, in order to out 5.1, it must be ac3 or dts. anything else has to be decoded to 6 channels of pcm data, then reencoded to ac3 by the xbox audio processor. this will reduce the quality of the sound considerably.

i suggest leaving everything as ac3 if you can help it. if you have to save space, you can always downsample the ac3 track to 224 kbit/s using something like besweet.

btw: ac3 direct pass-thru is working now - it just needs to be tweaked a bit for av sync etc.
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