No 3d visualizations for Pi?

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kruuth Offline
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I just installed KODI on a Raspberry Pi 3 and I noticed that there are no 3d visualizations. Is this not supported on the pi?
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popcornmix Offline
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Shadertoy and spectrum are both 3d and work on Pi. What version of kodi and distribution are you using?
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Silki Offline
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Could you please send me links to ZIP files of Shadertoy and spectrum for a Pi2 thats offline and running Kodi 17

Does projectM work and a zip for the PI version of that would be nice.

How do I get these from the REPO as zips i managed to find a mirror site for libraelec but the files that downloaded are all have a ".tar.gz" extension ...... 7 zip unzips them but re zipping these and trying to add them via kodi didn't work

Thank you.
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