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[Split from testing thread as a feature request]

Can we not use as another source/break the lookup inbetween the server and users in a opt in like torrent db Huh
just a thought and of course i can't code but use kodi 17 every weekend since the start and started my own server /nas due to emby missing and mixing my stuff up (rock in rap is a no no the walls must be maintained) .
but thats my issue plus the whole player option i don't need nor transcode to phone/tablet vlc on them or kodi should be fine plz and thank you.
Isn't a node able to do what you want?
I'm really not sure what the op is asking for. The feature I see a need for is the ability to split ones entire music library by source. Much like with the genre node having picked a genre you only see the artist and then albums with songs of that genre, it would be pick a source and only see the genres, artists, albums etc. for songs on that source.

You can create node/playlist rules for artist, album and song based on path, but it does not quite create this splitting

a) for artist and album rules do not combine correctly with other song level rules such as genre, so rule path=A and genre=B will show artists that have with songs with genre=B and also has songs with path=A. It needs to check the rules are applied to the same song e.g. artist that have songs with both that path and genre.

b) Unlike default nodes rules do not get passed to the next level. So make a list of artists with songs from path = A, but when you drill to album of song you see all their albums or songs regardless of path.

The only way rules could currently produce a working split is if all the music by an artist was on the same source.
A "simple" solution would be to have multiple DBs for all kind of media. This would solve a whole lotta requests...
No unfortunately breaking the db into bits really would not help.

From a SQL viewpoint what is required to fix a) and b) isn't difficult, but it does not fit easily into how that SQL is currently constructed in the code. But it is something I want to fix. The key thing is that artists can have music on many sources, it is a mnay to mnay relationship.

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