v16 scanning media information, stalling about 10 seconds on 64%
Hi guys,

Simply said, when going to my music folder on my smb nas I always get the message "scanning media information - xx %"
I noticed this took about 20 seconds and it was stalling about 10 seconds on 64%.

I made a debug log and this is what I see:
18:52:09 T:2663752608 DEBUG: CSMBFile::Open - opened smb://NASBG/Multimedia/MP3/Eva de Roovere - Fantastig Toch.mp3, fd=10000
18:52:18 T:2663752608 DEBUG: CSMBFile::Close closing fd 10000

So for some reason it seems to hang about 9 seconds on this mp3 file, while others take less then a second.
What could be the reason?

Is there some way to get a more detailed log?

I am running OpenElec 7.0.1 Kodi 16 Jarvis on a Wetek Core (wrxtasy's image).

Thank you,
And why does Kodi need to rescan each folder with music I enter? Even when it has just scanned it before?
To see a more detailed log turn debugging on - can do that from UI in settings, or from what is in advancedsettings.xml.

Quote:And why does Kodi need to rescan each folder with music I enter? Even when it has just scanned it before?
When do you mean? On start-up, which is caused by a setting, or are you only looking at file view in which case create a library. Or are you commenting that when you have added new music to your folder, and click library update, that Kodi checks through all the folder and files? Can you clarify the question, and I'll try and answer.
I have turned debugging on from UI, and the above is all I see in my log.
Do I need to enable some other specific option perhaps?

Kodi rescans my music folders always when I enter them, not only after startup.
In fact I don't restart Kodi ever (unless it crashes but that's not very often).
Yes I use file view indeed because when using Library mode I cannot find all my music because some songs don't have proper tags etc. I know I should fix that but still why would it scan the same folder each time I enter it even when there's no change ?

Thanks for helping.
Why, in file view mode, does Kodi need to rescan each folder I enter? Even when there's nothing changed?

This takes about 10 seconds, but it's very annoying when just browsing through my folders ...
Why not use library mode?
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Nick he isn't using library mode because his not all his music is tagged.

File mode attempts to scan tags when you enter a folder so that any tag data can be shown - some people use file view for a quick look at tagged music they don't wan to have in their library e.g. a friend gave them some on a USB stick. It has to rescan because it doesn't store that data.

My advise is to tag that music and use the library Smile
Or disable tag reading in Settings
Thanks for the infos!

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