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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-03-31, 16:31)rudrood Wrote: @Milhouse,
It's not only one server or computer but the entire workgroup doesn't appear ("workgroup" doesn't show). It got 2 rpi's with the latest build (should be using smb3?) and windows 10 pc's (smb3) and an updated Synology DS216+ II where smb3 is enabled in the network settings. Shouldn't it at least show "workgroup" with itself as it's using smb3? Could it be that it doesn't work in a mixed envoirement (got some Enigma2 sat and cable receivers that use smb1)?
Why do both problems work when connecting via ip adress? Isn't this more a problem with name resolving?

But yes, adding: client max protocol = SMB1 solves it!

Are you using the stock smb config, ie. you do NOT have a custom config in /storage/.config/samba.conf, as this would dictate how the LE clients appear on your network and it's where you configure their workgroup etc. (default is WORKGROUP).

I suppose it might be possible that one of the machines on your network has become the master browser and it's this machine that says it can talk SMB2/SMB3, but not reliably. Perhaps try testing with different machines turned off until the problem goes away. Or try with only the LE clients, then introduce other machines (although given the nature of Samba and the browser election process, this process could be very hit & miss needing all machines to be rebooted etc.).

You can prevent a server from being elected a master browser by adding the following in smb.conf on the server:
local master = no

With "client max protocol = SMB3" and no custom configurations all of my LE clients show WORKGROUP in the Add Source dialog, and in that workgroup are listed all my LE clients (RPi1, RPi3, NUC) and all of my Samba servers (FreeNAS 8.3, Windows7, Ubuntu 16.04), so yes it should appear and should list all your clients, unless Samba is broken on your network, which frankly doesn't take much. Sad
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