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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-05-14, 07:01)smf007 Wrote: There were some issues in the past with Samba 4 where people had to put
min protocol = NT1
In light of the current events I came across this post which seems to actually work. Setting min protocol to SMB2 or SMB3 would result in my Ubuntu 16.04 box not connecting. Also wouldn't work when setting max protocol to the same as the min. But setting protocol explicitly to either SMB2 or SMB3 works!

There is a Kodi patch included in these test builds that configures Kodi to negotiate a protocol better than NT1 (which is, as everyone should know by now, a security risk and shouldn't be enabled on any server if you are able to disable it by setting either:
min protocol = SMB2
max protocol = SMB3
or (for more recent versions of Samba)
server min protocol = SMB2
server max protocol = SMB3
depending on the version of Samba server. Older version of Samba may not support SMB3, in which case specify SMB2 for both options.

These test builds (with patch) will normally negotiate an SMB2 or SMB3 connection as libsmbclient is configured with
client max protocol = SMB3
in /storage/.smb/smb.conf (this file will be created by Kodi). Without it, Kodi will use libsmbclient to negotiate only an NT1 connection even if the server supports SMB2 or SMB3, or if NT1 is disabled on the server (in which case Kodi won't connect at all - connection timeout etc.).

So, other than securing your own server as described in the first paragraph, there is nothing you should need to configure on the LibreELEC client unless your Samba server is buggy/misconfigured/ancient and only supports NT1 connections in which case you'll need to edit /storage/.smb/smb.conf and change:
client max protocol = SMB3
client max protocol = NT1
and hope you don't experience any ransomware...

Starting with tomorrow's build (#0515), I'm going to configure the LibreELEC Samba server so that by default it only accepts SMB2 or better connections.

NT1/SMB1 must die.
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