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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2017-09-07, 12:35)jpeg73 Wrote: Hi Milhouse,
I used only few release since august ( in the past I was using only official version)
but I catch your idea, I don't beleive it"'s an HW issue because Ive 3 differents boards and the issue is the same
I tested on 3 differents screens & cables .. still the same again

I made some investigations and here is the result
LE Ver Result Kernel Ver
LE8.1.1 OK
#1130, 01-Dec-2016: Generic OK 4.8.1
#1215, 16-Dec-2016: Generic  OK 4.9.0
#0116, 16-Jan-2017: Generic OK 4.9.4
#0327, 27-Mar-2017: Generic OK 4.10.6
#0422, 22-Apr-2017: Generic OK 4.10.12
#0507, 07-May-2017: Generic OK 4.11.0
#0615, 15-Jun-2017: Generic OK 4.11.5
#0706, 06-Jul-2017: Generic OK 4.11.9
#0713, 14-Jul-2017: Generic OK 4.11.10
#0714, 14-Jul-2017: Generic  KO 4.12.1
#0805, 06-Aug-2017: Generic KO 4.12.4
#0905, 05-Sep-2017: Generic KO 4.13.0

I think you have to dig more on new kernel 4.12.1, because before I didn't observe any issue at all
Hope it helps

We had 8 test releases for 4.12 (one for each release candidate, plus 4.12.0 as the cutover to the new kernel was delayed by an nvidia driver issue) - can you try the Generic builds linked in PR:1629 as that should help narrow it down further.
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