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v18 LibreELEC Testbuilds for x86_64 (Kodi 18.0)
(2018-04-05, 21:57)billbillw Wrote:
(2018-04-05, 20:48)blokkie Wrote:
(2018-04-05, 01:53)billbillw Wrote: Forgive me if I'm posting this in the wrong place, but I'm trying to find a suitable Kodi/LibreELEC build to pass-through lossless audio codecs on my HP T620 Thin client. I've tried all the main releases and one of the Milhouse 9.0 releases from a few days ago. None will pass the lossless codec. 

This box has an AMD GX-415GA quad-core (eKabini) processor that can handle pass-through (I've tested with Windows Embedded 7 and it worked).

I'm not sure if it is limitations with the VDPAU/VAAPI drivers or what. I've had LibreELEC setup with several different boxes (Chromebox, Dell/Wyse 5010, and some Zotac boxes) and this is the only one that doesn't pass-through DD+, DTS-HD MA, or TrueHD. 

If anyone can point me to something that might work, I'd appreciate it. 

*Yes, I know I can turn off Pass-through and get multi-channel PCM, but I get better bass management when the codec is passed by bitstream to the receiver.*

Remember: "If Sync Playback to display is enabled PT gets automatically disabled."

from here
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Nope. I never use Sync Playback. I've set these up a few dozen times or more on various builds. There is just something with this AMD chip that doesn't want to let pass-through occur (at least not with Linux/LibreElec). Like I said, it worked just fine when I tested with W7ES and the Windows Kodi. With LibreElec, it will pass-through AC-3 and regular DTS. Just not the lossless stuff.

I would probably just use W7ES and Windows Kodi, but the performance is sluggish. The whole point of this build (going to a quad core) was to get better HEVC decoding without spending too much (NUC). My earlier generation of Thin Client (Dell 5010, with AMD G-T48E) does great on H264 stuff, but drops frames and crashes with 1080p h265 encoded material. The newer quadcore (GX-415GA) plays 1080p H265 with about 50% CPU usage (on LibreElec) and no dropped frames. When I tried with W7ES/Kodi, it pegged 100% CPU on the H265 material and dropped frames.   
I'm just wondering if the AMDGPU DC flag discussed here: (at has anything to do with my problem. Does AMDGPU have anything to do with what is being done with LibreELEC? Was it ever part of any previous Test builds?
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