v16 can not connect to Kodi reposository
it seems that if you have a VPN running on a router, you cannot connect to the Kodi addon repository. Turned off the VPN on the router and presto, all is good. Turned on the VPN and back to not working again. What has changed? I noticed that I now get a captcha screen when going to the Kodi download page. I can only sumize that the server does not like my VPN ip. It used to work.
So if it works without the VPN, then don't use the VPN. Am I missing something here.
you are missing the point. I'm asking if something has changed and what could it be. My VPN is on the router so all my computers and network are behind it. If I knew what's changed then I can make adjustments.

I have exactly the same problem, but with Kodi 17 beta 6. (All version of kodi are affected in fact...)
From Kodi debug log I see an HTTP error 503 when accessing to :


If I use Curl to access directly this URL from my kodi I see the problem :
Cloudfare anti DDOS protection...

<h1><span data-translate="checking_browser">Checking your browser before accessing</span> kodi.tv.</h1>

The mechanism is simple, you have a javascript code (a challenge) to resolve, after 5 seconds the challenge response is sent to Cloudfare, and if it match, you get back a cookies that will avoid future verification.

Like mp3825, I use a VPN behind my router and do not want to change that. (I trust more my box provider, than my Home Internet provider...)

Do you think we can implement this verification process inside Kodi ?

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