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OFDB scraper stopped working
The ofdb scraper stopped working a week ago. I've installed the latest T3CH XBMC 2007-11-25 SVN rev10840 release but still won't work.
Has the scraper to be updated or is it an other problem?
probably a site change

P.S. I really think the grumpy smiley would of been better as a sad face
Yes sad face would be the better choice of the 2 Smile

ok but its not working is a pretty poor explanation...

#1, not doing anything? no title, no year etc...
#2, grabs some info but not all
#3, my xbox reaches 500 degrees centigrade and i reach for the factor 50 cream?

Get me a debug log so i can at least see what/where its failing please copy n paste it to http://www.pastebin.com.
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Ok you are right, never do something in a rush.
I definitely was locking for this Sad icon, sorry.

For the error description.

I just get no response from the site.

I press the info button,
it shortly say somthing about conneting ...
and than comes with the dialog for editing the search term.

I'm sure that it's not about the search term (includes no ä etc.) because I locked for a title where I did get an answer before.

I posted the log file under okin on pastebin.

just want to confirm that the OFDB scraper is not finding any movie title anymore. is there a way to do a debugging to provide more information?

regards kc85/3
If have fix the scraper for odbf to the state it has been working before the site change.
- won't recognise german umlaute, I'm not sure if this is a matter of the scraper
- won't get the cast, having some time i'll look at it

where do I need to put it so it make its way into the next release, no I don't want to setup a version control system
if you make it available on rapidshare or one of those sites and then link to it here, one of the admins with SVN access should then be able to put it into the SVN repository, which should allow it to make it into the next T3CH release.
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I've put it on the sourceforge xbmc tracker, pastch request 1844973
unfortunately it's still not working in T3CH XBMC 2007-12-17 SVN rev11025. is it possible to fix this in a released version or must it be compiled?

fixed it! and submitted it to the svn...
sorry that it took so long!

greetings morte
I use XBMC-SVN_2008-01-27_rev11426-T3CH.

Is the ofdb scraper still not working?

If I place a file named moviename.nfo in the movie folder it seems to be used. The system is not offering several movies to choose anymore. So far it seems to be okay.

The problem is i don't get any data. No title, not year, no rating, no picture, nothing.

They have got a new link system.

It was:

No it is:

But there is a redirect. So it should still work.

If i use a imdb link in the NFO ..(http://german.imdb.com/title/tt0068646/).. everythink is working fine.
Did anybody experience the same? Is this really a bug? Or am I to stupid to handle this?
I have the same behavior.

Last week the ofdb.de website change something. Since this time the ofdb scraper don´t work.
morte? are u still alive?
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