"Scan to library" context menu string and function.

I am trying to understand "Scan to library" context menu for translation. What is this context menu for? When I push that it goes to one of my movie info page.
I don't know the movie behaviour, but that does sound odd.

For translation "Scan to library" is also a music context menu item. When clicked music files on the the selected source are scanned (processed or examined) and the tag metadata (e.g. ID3 tags in mp3 files or Vorbis comments in FLAC files etc.) found within these files is used to populate the music library. Without this action the music does not appear in the library, likewise when tags are not found. But it is not the same as scraping additional data from online sources or NFO files.
In v16 if you pressed "info" on a video in files view, when a scraper is set on the parent folder, it will manually add to the library/trigger a scan. This was changed in v17, so a new entry was made that has a more specific label, so that people can still do single item scans.

If the item is already in the library then it must be triggering the old "info" behavior.
Thx for explanations. I don't have music on my Kodi system, thats why I can't check music behavior. But I want to clarify some things. I don't think this context menu works correct for movies or I don't understand what is the different between "Scan for new content" context menu which is above of "Scan to library".

Let me tel you what I did:
From Videos -> Files menu I chose my movie directory and configure "Set content". After scanning process finished "Scan to library" context menu appeared on my movie directory. But just you can have that context menu on that directory. No where else you can get that context menu. I mean not like @ned described inside that directory for individual movie entries.

Anyways If I push "Scan to library" context menu for my movie directory it shows first movie info on my library and thats it.

Thats why I asked and confused about this context menu behavior. I don't think It works properly.

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"Scan to library" context menu string and function.0
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