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[Solved] Cast names on "Wrap Info" view

I am new to Kodi experience and Rapier skin, and I would like some help. Is there a possibility to show actors names in "Wrap Info" view like the attached photo? Has anyone written a similar script before for this skin?

Hi torrero007.

Thanks a lot for the suggestion. It's suggestions and bug reports that keept evolving the skin Smile

I have kept a lot of information out of the views to not clutter them up. Information, which is only available in the movie information window (cast, tagline, user rating etc.).

I tried adding the actors, but I'm not sure aboout it. Maybe as a view option, which is disabled by default.



What do you think?
me like!
The thing is that it can only be available for movies and sets, as this view doesn't exist for tv shows or episodes.

And it will only be available if using Normal view style. Using Large view style or Fanart Layout will hide the cast list - as there's not enough space / no space available.
Added Wrap Info View for tv shows as well Smile

These changes are Kodi Krypton only.
Gade is excellent!!! Thank you very much for your quick support. So, I would have to update the skin, to have this great new look?
Thanks! Smile

It's not added yet, but will be available for the next development version (probably pushed to my development repo later today) of the skin for Kodi v17 Krypton and Rapier v10.

You will have to use the latest nightly of Kodi 17:

To use my development repository, follow this guide:

EDIT: It will also be included in the official version, but I have no eta on the update.
I can't wait!!! For now, I 'll have to stick with Jarvis (on HTPC) for stability issues. Really appreciate your help, thank you once more Gade
Glad to help and let me know of you have any other questions or requests.

Thread marked as solved.
Gade, one more question: I tried to install "repository.gade-1.1.4" using your guide but I got a "failed to update". That is because I still use Jarvis or am I doing something wrong?
It's correct that v1.1.4 of my repo is for Jarvis.

Did you install from zip successfully?

Were you trying to update the repo or Rapier?

Try going to home screen System > Addons > My Add-ons > All > Rapier
Press "I" or bring up the context menu and select "Information".

Press the "Update" button.
That should give you the option to either update using my repo or the official repo - and show you the versions (v9.x).

The cast list will not be added for Rapier 9.x / Kodi 16 Jarvis.
ah for the update problem
try before updating the skin a change back to estuary and then reboot the machine. after rapier should be update as usual and you can change back to it.
Hi Gade,

The last few days I am having a problem showing the movie cast. Either it does not show it at all or it takes too long (more that 15 minutes. Have you got any idea why is this happening? I think it started after the last update, like two weeks ago or something.
Hi torrero007.

Thanks for reporting.

It happened together with the refactor of

It's not a skin issue, but an issue with the script.
I made an issue here and will look into it when I have some time:
Thank you for the info Gade

[Solved] Cast names on "Wrap Info" view00