No MyVideoNav.xml in Confluence

I have Jarvis 16.1 installed with the default skin Confluence.

I am trying to find MyVideoNav.xml file but the Skin.Confluence directory has only one file called Settings.xml and no MyVideoNav.xml .

Any idea why.
Because you're looking in the addon_data folder, not the addons folder.
Which os?
It's installed on Android MXQ box.

Addon_data is the only place where I can find the Confluence skin directory.
Yep. Because it's the default skin, it's baked into the .apk rather than installed in the data folder after install.
What are you trying to do?
Set the default View Option to icons as it does not save it when I exit and it goes back to list.
As a workaround - if you want to get to that file / folder - you could get the same version of confluence, [edit the addon.xml to bump the version number] and install from zip. Make the changes before or after install - when you'll see it in the addons folder.
The brackets are there 'cos I honestly can't remember whether you need to bump the version first - it may work without, it certainly will with.
OK, I will try that.

Many thanks for your support.
No worries.
Hi @trogggy I'm in the same position and will try that.

What I want to do is make it so that when I click PROGRAMS it opens an addon instead of the addons folder.
Any idea where that folder is located?


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No MyVideoNav.xml in Confluence0
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