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Can anyone help out / fix this?

Ned Scott said to ask in here as he was not sure what happened to that page and I don't have any way to access the old files. I would ask in the "Website & forum" sub-forum and one of the people with Wordpress access look into it.

section 1 here: Samples (wiki) and the link for Team Kodi samples seems to be broken... are these somewhere I can d/l them?

1 Team Kodi samples

Thank you!
I can remember we discussed having a samples page but I can't remember ever having one or putting some files on the mirrors.

If we didn't put anything on the mirrors it doesn't really make sense to have a page, since it would either be a page of links, similar to the wiki, or we would be hosting it off our main server which would be bad itself as large media files can't be cached.
Piers created the page and it existed for at least a year. I believe he hosted the files on his own server. I don't know if he removed the page or someone else did.
I created a page a while back, but thought the wiki was a much better place in the end so it can be updated more often.

Its much better its deleted now and we can all go to this page instead:

EDIT: I removed the old wordpress link from the wiki page now.
So do you have the stuff that was on the old page that was linked somewhere?
There is a whole page of sample media files on the wiki, you'll find it there now.
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Already got all of those (cept sectioin 7) was just looking for the Team Kodi Samples ones (that look like they were lost to time though)
Looks like the links still work:
Very Nice Ned... didnt even think to look at the wayback machine
The pages are the same so why do you even want the website one while the wiki is available? Explain me that logic?
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Another thing on the "Samples" page:

It looks like all the files there are high-resolution and extra-high resolution files.  I am actually looking for some lower-resolution samples to try out on a portable DVD player (yes, I know, not exactly a Kodi issue) to see which files it can actually play.  I managed to track down a listing of files it supposedly supports ( and the folks at has some suggestions (

I know it's not really an issue with Kodi itself (although I'd probably be converting from files I'd have on my Kodi server), but it seemed a place to start (the samples at are mixed good with bad files, so not much good for testing).  If someone has a better suggestion for sample files please let me know.  I'd do conversions in Handbrake, but I can't be sure I've properly converted them, and finding pre-existing samples eliminates that variable.
Since the wiki is editable by all users, if you do find some feel free to update the page with examples.

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