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Solved Issue - 2 problems with a TV server not running 24/7
My setup:
- PC running DVBViewer Recording Service
- Sony KD-55XD (Android TV Lollipop 5.1.1) running Kodi Krypton Beta 6

(1) Stopping TV server after PVR startup results in frequent on-screen errors

Steps to reproduce:
- start TV server
- start Kodi (PVR is initialized)
- stop TV server

-> Kodi displays an error every minute:

Quote:DVBViewer Client
Unable to parse timer list

(2) Starting Kodi with stopped TV server results in bad PVR state

Steps to reproduce:
- stop TV server
- start Kodi

Kodi displays that the PVR client (DVBViewer Client) could not be loaded, which makes sense. But PVR is in a bad state now:

Quote:PVR manager is starting up: 0%

Even when starting the TV server now, PVR does not get out of this state. Kodi has to be restarted.

These cases are not constructed but happen when the TV server is not running 24/7. I don't really know whether these are problems of the PVR or the DVBViewer Client add-on though.
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.885 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0

I think the second issue is related to changes in the PVR API that most of the PVR addons haven't implemented. I have this issue with my Mediaportal setup too. AFAIK only the tvheadend addon is working properly with the updated API. See here:
Hi lokum,

thanks for your info.

Can some mod please move this thread to the DVBViewer sub-forum? I will try to ping manül on that.
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.885 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0
Yeah, implementation is missing. Will take a closer look next week. Hope I can fix it before Krypton release.
Same here - my wife is killing me.... Wink
Running the DVBviewer server on a windows homeserver. Takes 15sek to wake up.
Need either:
- restart Kodi
- or deactivate / activate dvbserver addon

Worked fine in Jarvis - not working in any Krypton build.
I tried different network settings in advancedsettings - nothing helped.

08:27:24.950 T:6080 ERROR: CCurlFile::FillBuffer - Failed: Timeout was reached(28)
08:27:24.950 T:6080 ERROR: CCurlFile::Open failed with code 0 for
08:27:24.950 T:6080 ERROR: AddOnLog: DVBViewer Client: Unable to connect to the backend service. Error: Error document empty.
08:27:24.950 T:6080 ERROR: ADDON: Dll DVBViewer Client - Client returned bad status (1) from Create and is not usable
08:27:29.694 T:6080 ERROR: PVR::CPVRClients::UpdateAddons - failed to create add-on DVBViewer Client, status = 1

Thanks Manül for all your hard work
Yeah, it's high priority for me. Didn't know the old approach/loop has been removed and never tested RS being offline while working with Krypton (blame on me). Will take a look tomorrow.
@CiNcH On which platform are you running Kodi? I've a fix almost ready, but there are some changes in important functions so I want at least one more tester.
I am primarily running Kodi on Android TV.
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.885 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0
Don't turn the server off.
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@CiNcH Will try to build you an android version for testing.
@CiNcH please try
Hope it will load.
I am afraid I have to be root in order to be able to install that...
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.885 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0
Yeah android permissions I guess. Anyone know if loading a PVR shared object from /sdcard is possible ?
I now installed Kodi 17 Beta 6 on my Win10 and could reproduce both problems from the initial posting. So you can also drop me a Windows build to verify the fix.
Sony BRAVIA 2015 (FW V3.885 / Android TV 6.0.1) | DVBViewer Media Server 2.0
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2 problems with a TV server not running 24/751