Use Mede8er Remote-Control with Hama IR-Receiver for KODI

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Hi Guys,

I am new to this and have directly a complicated Question to some electricans of you.

I want to use my Remote-Unit from my old Mede8er 800. It seems to be an IR-Remote. The Mede8er 1000 has same Remote:

The Mede8er 1000 has also a possibility to connect a "TSOP31 138" IR-Component to work with other Remote-Units.
I like to resuse this Remote-Unit with KODI.
So I brought this MCE-Remote from HAMA (one of the brands used with this Remote):

[Image: 315185_55f69274a7aa7493358224bfc937ce7aBig.jpg]

So I hope that I am able to use the IR-Receiver from HAMA with my Remote from Mede8er.
Does anyone have any hints what to do to get it work ? Does it work ?
If I got it right then those HAMA is not a "right" MCE, so normal IR ... should work with the Mede8er-Remote (TSOP31 138) ?
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I guess with Flirc you can't go wrong. See
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So, my package came today.

The original HAMA-Remote works out-of-the box. My Mede8er does not work with the HAMA-IR-Receiver.

What I wonder about:
I attached an USB-Port-Reader to it and it seems that HAMA has a 4 Byte-Command.
If I press some of the buttons I can see those commands.
But most of the buttons do not show up a command if pressed.
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