WDTV Live Streaming replacement.
@RRaoD, some points:
  • Easiest devices to use = proper Android TV OS devices (Shield / Mi Box) or ones running LibreELEC Kodi
  • Optical output built in = Mi Box or ASUS Chromebox.
  • USB 3.0 is not needed for playing files from HDD's. The USB2.0 bus has more than enough capacity.
  • External powered HDD's are more reliable when connecting multiple drives to Android boxes.
  • As @hdmkv said and I've observed, AC WiFi on properly designed boxes is all you need for full ISO Bluray Rips streaming. The Mi Box is fine.
  • ASIX chipset USB > GigaE / USB Hub's adapters are the ones that work with the Mi Box. Such as the Simplecon CHN410 (ASIX88179)
  • Wireless WiFi or Bluetooth remotes are much preferred over Infra Red. I personally use a WiFi MINIX A2 Lite - Mini Keyboard remote across multiple devices. Quality remote. Works really well.
  • Stay away from cheap touchscreen Android OS devices. They are only any good for running LibreELEC Kodi on them.
  • Amazon reviews generally are either paid for Advertisements or reviewed by Newbs without a clue.
  • You have come to the right place here on the Kodi forums to get the correct device !

Question for WeTek if they are reading:
- When are you going to offer a WeTek Play2 without a DVB Tuner option ?
- Why - well you have a decent box with Optical Output built in, but don't offer potential purchasers the option of just a Play2 without a tuner.

Sorry friends, I was busy and could not read the replies in this week. Thanks for the replies.

I have included the optical port as it was there on WDTV. Initially I connected the home theater to the box with optical cable, but found out the home theater was not available for regular satellite TV broadcasts. Then I moved the optical cable from the box to the TV. HDMI cable was the only connection between the box and the TV. With this setup I could use home theater for all my viewing needs. I hope this setup gives me a good quality audio connection. So I can ignore the optical port.

About the LAN port, presently I am using the WiFi connection for the box. But I may need the LAN port for a solid network connection in future.

My present content is upto 1080p resolution. But I want to keep myself future proof by having the 4K/HEVC option available.

About having the 4K chromecast built-in in the box, I hear from my son that Google will soon withdraw support for 3rd party devices. Is it true?
(2016-12-19, 02:27)ozkhan1 Wrote: I stand corrected...

Does the Asia version comes with android tv N?

I don't know about the Asia version Wink, but there is no Asus version scince Asus always made the NP. The only thing different is that Google no longer offers them in their store.

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