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Kodi 17 - Timer status (widget) out of sync
So i was happily using the latest Krypton build on my NUC system. Thought all was great.....

Until i noticed Planned Recordings (timers) widget on the home screen PVR section showed timers that has already expired (and were recorded properly).
It does this very consistently. After i choose manage channels -> epg refresh on one of the channels, proper timer status is displayed (immediately).
A restart of Kodi also works.

Just wondering if this experienced by more users before reporting to DVBlogic.

So...anyone seen this behaviour on Krypton B6/7 ?


PS: i should mention i am using a 5.5. version of the DVBL software. It might very well be that i have to upgrade to version 6 to be compatible with the asynchronous updating 'feature' that has been introduced?

Edit removed a less-friendly statement ;-)
Well i'll be....

Just reinstalled Krypton B7 (clean install as before). No more Planned Timers sync issue.

Dont really know what was going on but hey! it works! :-)
Spoke to soon.
Came home to a out-of-sync state of the pvr upcoming recording that had already been completed.
Furthermore, i suspect this is only a symptom, as all pvr related screen showed blank.

Its not a standby issue as i toke that variable away. Since noone else seems interested in/have this issue i will investigate this one-man issue further
Hey Atreyu,

Are you seeing duplicates timers in the EPG, is this correct? or have i misunderstood? i'm not seeing any issue using Kodi B7... a couple of Beta versions ago there was a discussion around "ghost timers" but this has since been fixed....
Hi AshG,

No, first thing I noticed is that the pvr widget on the homescreen-pvr section was showing 'upcoming events' that were in the past.
Upon further investigation it seems that after some (extended) amount of time the complete pvr add-on is frozen.

- timers are not displayed correctly ( showing last, already recorded program)
- recordings are empty on the 'recordings' tab. All recs are still there and available to Jarvis clients
- sometimes trying to use pvr services after idle time will completely freeze Kodi, showing only confluence/estuary background and noting else.

Since it's my main setup I reverted to Jarvis for the time being.
Added benefit: skipping is fluid again!
Most noticable downside: now a little issue that annoys me is back that's solved in Krypton: pressing up/down while watching live TV now shows next or previous program info again instead of the channel you are currently watching first. I'll live, though ;-).

I will test again when Krypton settles in some more...
Found this thread:
If anyone is interested, this issue vanished somewhere between b7 and rc4 :-)

Timer status (widget) out of sync00