Krypton Beta 6 & 7 - Visualization - Spectrum
I have the Krypton Beta 6 (and just upgraded to beta 7) installed on my Hibox 4k Android 6.0.1 media player box.

It originally came with the 16.1 installed and when I played music there was a visualization (default) called Spectrum and it worked great. Since I installed the Krypton betas, it says the selected visualization is Spectrum but all I get is a black screen (no spectrum display) when I play music. Music plays fine and I see the play controls and all that but no Spectrum.

Is there something I'm missing or need to do in order to get it working? I've looked through the add-ons to see if I need to install that but haven't found it.


Never mind.... I found it. It was disabled for some reason.

I went to Add-Ons... My Add-Ons... All... and scrolled down and found "Spectrum". When I clicked it, the detail screen came up and it was installed but the button to "enable" it was lit so I clicked it and now it works.


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Krypton Beta 6 & 7 - Visualization - Spectrum0
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