Seeking within an MKV file
I am using the latest version of handbrake to convert my DVD's to MKV files, using either the "Deux Six Quattro" or the "Animation" presets. The files handbrake is creating playing fine in VLC, and mostly play fine in XBMC.

The problem is that attempting to skip forward or backwards in those files will jump to either the start of the file, or the same spot in a file (say 20 seconds in).

A forum search has brought up a few threads describing similar issues with the regular xbox build, but the general consensus seems to be "xbox is too slow for mkv/x264". This is obviously not the problem in this case, and the machine is capable of playing back a 1080p x264 file fine as long as it is in a different container format.

I'm using an SVN build of XBMC that is current as of yesterday, and it's running on ubuntu 7.10, GeForce 7600, Intel Core2Duo 6400, etc etc.
Just in case anyone else was having this issue, I came across a post on the handbrake forums where one of the devs states that "HandBrake doesn't write cue markers into MKV files" which can apparently cause problems with seeking.

VLC is more tolerant of the lack of these markers than XBMC is.

This issue can be resolved by remuxing the Handbrake generated MKV's with MKVToolnix ( Only takes a minute or two per file, and although it removes chapter information it makes seeking work perfectly.
Why not submit it as a bug directly to the HandBrake project? Wink
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It looks like this problem still exists in the latest 0.9.2 version of HandBrake.

Does anyone know if there is another program like MKVToolnix that can write the cue markers but not strip out the chapter markers?

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Seeking within an MKV file0
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