v17 DTS music playback from WavPack (.wv) files
(2017-01-03, 00:56)Soli Wrote: I humble suggest that you stop your humble suggestions and start talking like a normal person.

I read up on those specs over 10 years ago, and read up on general s/pdif 20 years ago when people were still using scart. The AVRs that predated iec61937 by 10 years didn't care about that bitstream flag, and they still don't. It's not an accident AVRs decode bitstream content even though they stream is flagged as linear pcm. This fact wont change, no matter how much you (or I) recite a standard that was made as a guideline to a 2 decade old technology.

Then you have not read IEC 60958-1 Annex D or IEC 61937-1 Annex A or 61937-2 Table 2. I was going to upload those, but it doesn't look like you believe in specs. Also, I can only discuss about things that are from this century.

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