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I humbly suggest that you stop worry what I may or may have not read. Instead, argue your case properly, and not just reference sections from a pdf. What if lawyers did this in court?

Let's see what IEC 60958-1 Annex D is: It's not a spec, it's purely (pragmatic) information.

lS/iEC 60958-1:2004
Annex D
Transmission of CD data other than linear PCM audio

This standard ailows the interface to carry data related to computer software or signals coded using non-linear PCM and the format specification for these applications is not part of fhis standard. The channel status Bit 1 of Byte O indicates whether the data is linear PCM or not, However, some CD applications currently set this Bit 1=“0 as meaning linear PCM data, while the actual data is not linear PCM but compressed audio data. Such applications do not conform to the IEC 60958 series.

Current data processing equipment such as computers and games machines have a CD-ROM drive and sometimes a IEC 60958 series interface, so there is a possibility of non-linear PCM data output that is dependent on the application software. Therefore, all equipment and applications should respect the channel status definitions in this standard to prevent unexpected behaviour in the decoder.

Consideration is required for applications that, for historic accordance with IEC 60958 with respect to channel status bit 1. level of noise being generated by the conversion of this signal data. Such noise might damage hearing or equipment.


The "consideration" the manufacturers took was that the AVRs didn't strictly look at the channel staus bit, but actually the pcm frames itself and this would precede the channel status bit. This would protect the consumers equipment and hearing and as a result save the manufacturers for billions in law suits, warranties etc etc. It's not an "accident" that all AVR's do this, and besides: by the fact that all AVRs do this makes it's safe to say it's by design and/or choice.

..and don't know why you can only discuss things from this century, but fact is AVRs were doing this long before this century.

Now, please argue why you think that it's an "accident" that *your* AVR decodes compressed audio from a S/Pdif stream even though the channel status bit is set to linear pcm? And please explain why the hell this Annex D has anything with this being an "accident" or not in the first place, and why you think I haven't read up on it.

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