v17 DTS music playback from WavPack (.wv) files
If this works for you, then by all means do use it. It's seem your receiver also detects what is "probably an encoded signal" and then automatically mutes the volume, so that gives you an extra security layer.

A similar problem manifests when playing DSD files; DoP (DSD over PCM) is basically sent as 24/176 pcm (for DSD64) but the 8 MSB are unused so the signal will always be -48db. Lately DAC's are beginning to support "native DSD" , which are sent as 32/88 and upwards. (It is twice as effective as DoP) Here the whole datapath is used for DSD data, but since there is no way for the DAC to signal this capability, the VID/PID of the device has to be hardcoded into ALSA itself.

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DTS music playback from WavPack (.wv) files0
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