v17 DTS music playback from WavPack (.wv) files
(2017-01-08, 07:57)hugo57 Wrote:
(2017-01-07, 11:07)fritsch Wrote:
(2017-01-07, 08:36)hugo57 Wrote: I will definitely continue using these .wv files as they are so convenient...Nod

But could you also answer my other question: is there a way to force all sound output as passthrough? I was looking into the settings and into what you could set in advancedsettings.xml, and found nothing. But maybe I overlooked something...Blush

No there is not.

I understand... Would it be possible to add this into Kodi? Big Grin

You mentioned before that if the DTS stream is in a .waw file Kodi can detect this and tries to open the passthrough sink. This made me thinking: with a tag like <forcepassthrough> in the <audio> section of advancedsettings.xml it should not be very complicated to make Kodi always open the PT sink instead of a normal audio output device. Passthrough makes sense only if the HTPC is connected to an AVR and I assume AVRs would have no issue decoding and playing FLAC or MP3 streams they receive as bitstreams via passthrough.

Obviously this might not be useful or even working at all for everybody but I am pretty sure it would make a big number of users happy...

Hi fritsch, may I ask you respectfully to answer my above question? I am not pushing to have this included in Krypton, it's far too late, but it would be great to see this feature, if it is feasible, in Leia.

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