v17 DTS music playback from WavPack (.wv) files
(2017-01-12, 20:04)wesk05 Wrote:
(2017-01-03, 00:56)Soli Wrote: It's not an accident AVRs decode bitstream content even though they stream is flagged as linear pcm.
If all modern day AVRs did this, how do you explain why these users are getting noise with this “PCM Passthrough”? Some of them could be user errors (volume control), but I don’t think all of them are user errors. As mentioned in Annex D of IEC 60958-1, this doesn’t conform to 60958 standards and it is up to the vendor to implement this “fail-safe” option for linear PCM vs non-linear PCM audio detection.


Dunno, but it seems all the incidents involve either Denon or Marantz receivers. As you may know, Denon and Marantz is owned by D&M Holding. They are probably big enough as a company to develop their own IC chips for the the various audio modules/stages/etc. At some point thye might have "forgotten" to include this "feature", or maybe they simply are more picky about it through the HDMI inputs. (Chances are it still works with normal Toslink/Coax Spdif inputs). Do you know if this is an Android issue only?

I found this comment from popcornmix that might be related: https://github.com/raspberrypi/firmware/...t-20209393
Anyways, it's less of a problem through HDMI inputs since the EDID will tell what formats are supported. Sending encoded audio as PCM (and then getting white noise @ max volume, then your stereo burning up, and your house burning down etc) will never happen unless it's forced, as is the case for all the threads you referenced.

If you were to have your amp at max volume and decide to blast some dts-inside-wav-files-but-encoded-as-flac files through your audio equipment, then you deserve what's coming Big Grin

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