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Hope this is right place for my post. It's about music, specifically music playlists. I'm sure there must be an easier method in Kodi to create a music playlist and also make it not disappear. i just haven't been able to figure it out. The following is the only method for me to make a playlist. I have to import my PC music library and I have to do it each time i start up kodi. The imported music list never stays in Kodi each time i log off. That's the first issue. Once imported the list becomes the "Big List" or as Kodi names it. So far the only way I can make a playlist is by clicking on one song at a time and then it's added to "current playlist". That's my second issue, very tedious to pick one song at a time. Please note I said "my issue" and not "Kodi's Issue", putting the blame on myself , not a malfunction of Kodi. My last issue (so far) is I can't save the playlists. I go through the saving process, of naming and clicking save. I never get error msgs that a list didn't save, but sometimes they don't and when they do it's only for the duration of that Kodi log on session. Any help would be greatly appreciated
I'm not sure I understand your current approach to using Kodi, but what I think you need to do first is create a music library (that is assuming that your music files are tagged). To do that add a music source, and say yes to scanning the files into the library when prompted.

Once the library is populated you can browse your music in a varirty of ways, and also create playlists etc.

Reading the Wiki may also help you.
Thank You Dave for responding to my playlist dilemma. I am almost positive (haven't used Kodi for about 6 weeks, so I'm relying on memory) that I did scan my music into the library and why I was confused that it wasn't there the next time I logged into Kodi. I'm not certain what you mean by "music files tagged" though. Most my music are ripped CD's onto my PC. are they automatically tagged by that?
But I will go through the scanning steps again and refer to the wiki link you provided if I run into problems.
Thanks again, for your time and helping me out.
(2016-12-31, 11:05)Paisleyguy Wrote: Most my music are ripped CD's onto my PC. are they automatically tagged by that?
It depends on the ripper. You need to check that out what you have using tag editing software such as Mp3tag or Picard (both free, but there are many others too) to look at your music files. As a minimum the songs should be tagged with title, artist(s) (and album artist(s) if including featured artist on sone tracks), album (if you have albums, blank for a single), year and genre. The last 2 give you simple ways to navigate your music e.g. see all the "jazz" or everything from 1986, but are not absolutely essential.

But there are lots more tags, and tagging software can be used to lookup details from online sources like Musicbrainz and add them.

Fully tagged music will greatly improve your music selection experience, have a library rather than just a list of files.

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