2nd device, mysql library, cannot play any file
I have set up a 2nd Kodi in my bed room (BR) and also have the 1st in my living room (LR).
The LR is my main device where I maintain my sources and all my files. Both devices are using the same MYSQL database to get their media-libraries.
I have multiple sources (different HDDs and different content like movies, shows, animes,...) which work fine on the BR device. Except of one:
I have my TV shows on different HDDs. One HDD for big shows and one for smaller ones.
I can access on the BR device all sources (animes, small shows and movies). But I cannot access the "big shows".
What confuses me, is, that everything works fine on the LR device. It is only the new BR device which cannot play the "big shows".
I get always the error message, that this file does not exist anymore and if I want to remove it from the library.
When I view the episode information, I can see that the full SMB path is shown correctly. But I still get this error.
My "big animes" are in another sub-folder on the same HDD. They are working perfectly on both devices. It is only the "big shows" which don't wanna work.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening and how can I solve it?

Thanks in advance. (sorry for bad English, I hope you get my problem)

If this is important: LR is a RPI 2 with OpenElec and BR is a RPI 3 with the same OpenElec version
We need a debug log of you trying to play from "Big Shows" from the BR device. Or else we are only guessing... and you should update to libreelec from openelec (its essentially dead).
Thanks for the advice. I updated both devices and the error ist gone.
I have to reopen this one.

As I followed helta's advice, I updated both devices to libreEleec.
The 2nd device gets all information from my MySQL Database but is unable to play any file.
When I check the episode information, I can confirm that the path was received correctly. But every time I try to play an episode, I get the prompt that the file is missing and I get asked if I want to remove from my library.
This now happening will all my files from any source and is not anymore limited to only one specific source.

Does anyone have an idea why this is happening?
My first device (which got all media sources and is maintaining the library, plays every file correctly).

EDIT: Here is my debug log: http://pastebin.com/TneUWgkS
EDIT2: Okay, I figured out, that it is not depending on the source of the files. It's just that some TV shows are working and some not. I cannot see a pattern why some are working and some not.

I have paths like this:
smb://MCGEE/www/home/home/media3/content/Große Serien

Some shows from the 2nd one are working and some of the 3rd one as well. But not all of them.
As advised in a tutorial, I did not add any sources on my 2nd device. This is my sources.xml: http://pastebin.com/063q7Cya
I added the last source only as a test, to check the connection to my server.
I can access all folders via the file manager, by the way.
Okay, I finally manged to fix this issue.
I copied my passwords.xml as well to the 2nd device and now it's working.
The only difference is, that the old one had the 2nd entry which the new one did have.
I don't know why it is working now, but it does.
smb://MCGEE/www/home/home/media3/content/Große Serien was not working before, but is now. Even that it is not mentioned in the password file and it's a complete different mount on the server.[/code]

This my password file:
        <from pathversion="1">smb://MCGEE/www</from>
        <to pathversion="1">smb://USER:[email protected]/www/</to>
        <from pathversion="1">smb://mcgee/www</from>
        <to pathversion="1">smb://USER:[email protected]/www/home/media/content/Filme/</to>
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