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Hi community,
i am new with KODI (come from MediaPortal) and needt some advice with setup of my musicdatabase. I have a really large music collection (most .flac, some .dsf and .mp3) and ran into some issues with multidisc albums. All my multidisc albums are tagged as one album with appropriate discnumbers (01/03, 02/03, 03/03), however Kodi shows these multidisc albums as single albums. ->
Complete name                            : \\BEETHOVEN\Musik_E\Klassik Boxsets\Decca Essential Masterpieces\Ultimate Mozart (2006)\Disc 02 - Piano Concertos No.21 · No.20 · Rondo K.511\02 - Piano Concerto No.21 in C major, K.467 - II. Andante.flac
Format                                   : FLAC
Format/Info                              : Free Lossless Audio Codec
File size                                : 29.7 MiB
Duration                                 : 7 min 54 s
Overall bit rate mode                    : Variable
Overall bit rate                         : 526 kb/s
Album                                    : Ultimate Mozart - Decca Essential Masterpieces
Album/Performer                          : Various Artists / Various Artists
Part                                     : 02/05
Track name                               : Piano Concerto No.21 in C major, K.467 - II. Andante
Track name/Position                      : 02/07
Performer                                : Philharmonia Orchestra / Vladimir Ashkenazy
Composer                                 : Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
Conductor                                : Vladimir Ashkenazy
Genre                                    : Klassik
Recorded date                            : 2006
Cover                                    : Yes
Cover type                               : Cover (front)
Cover MIME                               : image/jpeg
CONTENTGROUP                             : Decca Essential Masterpieces
GROUPING                                 : Decca Essential Masterpieces


Another issue is, that some albums are listed as sampler however the tags are not Various Artists or Compilation=1


Maybe i am doing something wrong. I hope, you can help me.

Best regards
Welcome to Kodi, although middle of the holidays so things are quiet here.

I think if you want Kodi to show the discs in a set separately then you need to include the disc number in the album title. Unless you tag with musicbrainz id tags Kodi uses artist and album title as the unique identifier, so yes all those discs are seen as one album. But why is that a problem? Disc number is used in the track listing etc.

I'm not so sure why Kodi is seeing "3 Cornered Hat" as a compilation, but it could be to do with having both ALBUM ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST tags. I would need to do some testing, and I am unable to do that at the moment (away on holiday). Kodi processes both those tags. Jarvis uses rules other than just "Various Artists" or the COMPILATION tag to determine if an album is a compilation
Quote:v16 ules for determining when album (without mbids) is a compilation
1. album name is non-empty
2a. the songs have different artists
2b. all tracks are marked as part of compilation
3a. a unique primary artist is specified as "various" or "various artists"
3b. we have at least two primary artists and no album artist specified.
Note that this is changed in v17

But from the tags for one track I can not see how that logic could result in the way it is. Perhaps, looking at all the tracks, you can?
Hi DaveBlake,
thanks for the welcome and your answer.

(2016-12-27, 12:12)DaveBlake Wrote: I think if you want Kodi to show the discs in a set separately then you need to include the disc number in the album title.

I don't think so, because with other albums it is working as exspected. Maybe the reason is the multivalue artist tag, but thats just a thought. If so, it seems to be a bug in KODI and i hope, it will be resolved in one of the upcoming versions.

(2016-12-27, 12:12)DaveBlake Wrote: I'm not so sure why Kodi is seeing "3 Cornered Hat" as a compilation, but it could be to do with having both ]ALBUM ARTIST and ALBUMARTISTtags

As i said before, it is working fine with nearly all other files with Albumartist and Album Artist Tag (~135.000 files). I assume, that this only occurred with .dsf files with multivalue artist tag. Furthermore i think, that in these cases (dsf files) KODI tagreader doesn't read the ALBUM ARTIST and ALBUMARTIST tag.
I'm away from my system to check things so I am guessing (and very full of Xmas grog).

As I said in another recent thread I need to get more up to speed on how Kodi handles multi-disc sets. But I am about to rip my own 14 disc set (LOTR radio drama @1981) so I will have something to test with. Smile

I notice that the tag listing has a "Part" tag not a DISCNUMBER, that could just be the naming convention of the way you listed the values, but Kodi does not process PART in FLAC files. The multi value (album) artist is fine.

Issues with dsf files could be down to a different tag factory being used. Mostly Kodi uses Taglib for all the formats that it supports, and I am most familiar with that processing, but I know Kodi can read tags from other formats using something else. If that isn't picking up album artist then the album processing will see varied song artists and treat it as a compilation. When I get back I will have a look at what scans the tags in dfs files.

Managed to look from here, Kodi applied the ffmpeg tag loader to dsf files and only parses title, artist, part_number and track tags. This will result in the 3 cornered hat album, and any others with varied artists, being taken as compilations. Something to be fixed - reminder to self https://github.com/xbmc/xbmc/pull/8925, but having difficulty finding any discussion of what tags dsf files could have.
.dsf format supports natively ID3v2 tags. Specification you will find at DSD-GUIDE.com. I've uploaded some sammple files to clouddrive. If you send me a pm, i could provide the download links. At the moment (only 6 postings) i am not able to pm by myself.
Thanks for that, I wonder if v2.3 or v2.4 format? I'm not sure ffmpeg will return any and all metadata tags it finds, or if that has limits. The documentation I have seen about it is mixed, but I can certainly test it out with sample data.
I assume, it v2.4 ->

Unfortunately it is not possible ta answer the pm. I need three more posts.
(2016-12-28, 16:40)Cavaradossi Wrote: Unfortunately it is not possible ta answer the pm. I need three more posts.
Nearly there. What did you use to tag the dfs files in the first place?
I use MP3Tag. It is working fine since ages.
You've got mail.
Busy downloading.

I'll have a look, but I have to warn that I am not sure if any dfs file tag processing fixes will make it into Krypton or if it will be a wait until v18 thing. One man's fix is another man's new feature.
I can confirm that Kodi sees the Mozart set as one album, but then again that is what I expected it to do - same album title and abum artist. But you are saying your other disc sets don't do this? Every disc of the set is listed as a separate album? Could you list an example please - you don't need to upload just tell me the tags with example for a track from each disc.

Still waiting for the 3 Cornered Hat dsf files to arrive. Smile
I have edited the thread title to make it relate to the topics.

DSF Files
Having dsf test files revealed a problem with playback using DirectSound (on Windows). This has been fixed, but won't be available until v17 RC2 as it just missed the release window. The tags read by the ffmpeg loader have also been extended, again I hope this will be included in RC2. It includes processing the album artist tag, along with genre, year etc. which was not being loaded before and partly why your album was appearing in the library as a compilation.

However there is a limitation in ffmpeg that while reading ID3v2 tags it only handles single frame values. If you have added v2.4 multiple fame tags then Kodi only sees the first value. So with your example files only "Teresa berganza" would be returned as the artist. This means that like the v2.3 tag standard you will need to enter multiple artists, album artists, genres etc. using a single value with an item separator ( " / " by default) to indicate the individual artists, album artists, genres etc.
e.g. artist = "Teresa Berganza / L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande / Ernest Ansermet"

Disc Sets
Could you list an example, just some sample track tagging, for a disc set where the albums are listed separately. I would assume it is because unlike the Mozart example they do not have the same album title and abum artist and so the behaviour is expected, but nice to know for sure.

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