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Submenus as widget

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endee1 Offline
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Smile  RE: Submenus as widget
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It does yes, I should have said that.
Agreed not a good solution for most users.
Does exactly what I want though so I'm happySmile
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Bumpaneer Offline
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Post: #17
I think you just need to move the content line out of the Includes_WidgetContent file and into your template. I've mocked up the changes and all testing seems to go as expected on my side.
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braz Offline
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Ok, I added support for submenu widgets, thanks to @Bumpaneer! Available now on github.

[Image: 18Q3Qdl.jpg]
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ashjf Offline
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Hi, love the mimic theme, could you explain how I get my submenus to show as widgets as I can't seem to manage it Sad
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greenepc Offline
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How do you add a submenu as a widget?
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