Win issue : x265 / HEVC - video playbac shows stair-step / zig zag effect
Wow, looks like I have lots to try when I go see my maaaah. Tx everyone!

...and I know what you mean about drivers and deprication. I've lots of old graphics cards that are now unusable because browsers started using 3d rendering
...and after a driver update or two text became illegible
...and now windows 10 developed this issue...but only with high res monitors?? Bring back Cleartype, all is forgiven!!

FYI. I'm a dev although I doubt I could help team kodi, otherwise I would have offered. Bypassing my inbuilt pesimism, you decide.

I've used Borland/codegear/embarcadero/i think it's been sold again, for years (C++). But have never been trained so my knowledge is limited and does not cover any multi-media areas.
The rest of the world seems to use Microsoft stuff and that causes me no end of grief (when I have an integration project), because I'm like a fish out of water with anything else. At least I felt suicidal urges last time I had to do some work using MFC, talk about using a nut to crack a sledgehammer (it felt very backward)
Similarly, the only penguin I'm familiar with is my doorstop so I'd not be able to help with Linux stuff
Once upon a time I looked at bitmap manipulation and I could feel parts of my brain cry with pain so super complicated vector manipulation ain't my thang
I also hate all things web related, so that includes XML (and I think all the skins are heavily reliant on xml so that's out of the question)
The XML thing is more because it's sooo darned ineficient, an access control system I work with went xml, their databases increased in size twenty-fold. the stuff is like bindweed, bleugh!!!
I suppose what I'm saying is I've no idea how you guys n gals do it, y'all rock!

Cool Probably the one thing I could help with is on the database side of things Big Grin, but this is something y'all don't really use...and the one I work on is not very "cross platform" (MS SQL (but it is free on Windows (SQLExpress))).
Having tried the MySQL option I imagine options may not be a bad thing (Am not dissing the effort, it's just the MySQL db's died on me several times (??always after driver updates??) so I completely gave up on it)

That said, I've a painful project that's going to force me to learn some c# over the next quarter so I may become useful (C# seems to be one of the goto languages these days, read as :- most "samples" I recieve don't help because they are in c#)
At any rate if you had plans to integrate MS SQL Express, I'm yer-man and would be happy to contribute (if it's a lot of work, in about 3 months when my c# project is done)
I may also be able to help with database schema's in general...along those lines. A couple of things I learned when trying MySQL.
1) I vaguely remember bulk updating a super large text file to change the paths for media files. If all media showed a root library and there was one entry at the start of the file for the "library" (it's path and perhaps other settings) the import/ transfer procedure could be a little more straight forward...and the file would probably shrink massively ( there's that XML inneficiency I mentioned Wink )
2) If like me you have a profile for kids stuff as well as a profile for teenagers and a profile for full grown adults...and each profile contains everything from the younger versions you get a lot of duplicates for metadata, which isn't the end of the word for text but pictures can mean you lose several GB on a small SSD. Multiply this if you have numerous logins as each user creates his own database, or set of databases, and you get an SSD begging for if the images were downloaded once to a common location (amongst both users and profiles) this could save ooodles of disk space

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