Win issue : x265 / HEVC - video playbac shows stair-step / zig zag effect
(2016-12-28, 18:59)da-anda Wrote: @b0b0baggins, I haven't been trained in any programming language, nor do I have any knowledge about audio/video processing and also forgot 90% of the advanced maths stuff I learned at school, but that doesn't stop me from a) working as a web developer writing custom applications for customers and b) messing around with the source code of Kodi to improve certain bits and pieces I'd like to see improved. Kodi is so much more than low level audio/video stuff (which is mostly done by ffmpeg anyways, so not our business), so if you already know C++, just poke around and fix/change stuff you like to see fixed/changed.

I do hear you. forgetting all my Bode and Nyquist plots...and what they actually help you solve has not stopped me from running my own business as a program development outfit (sounds fancier than it actually is), but I don't do web stuff...which means I don't do scripting languages or XML so I would definitely be like a fish out of water working on a lot of the kodi bits and pieces (I have briefly looked before as I would like to help). The skins are **way beyond** my capabilities (/chosen "specialisation" = SQL, hence my offer). Even the configuration scripts use XML, which while I can follow and even hand edit, I would not know where to start on programs reading that stuff. Actually that's not strictly true, the access control system I mentioned has rudimentarty XML and I have to process parts of that, which was a ballache.
I might take another look in a few months, when I'm not swamped, to see if there's anything I can do, but the last few days I had to complete my company returns, today I may not even get to go out (!) as I've got to finish my VAT returns by midnight. Since I'm posting on here rather than categorising purchases, checking receipts & calculating VAT content, I think you can tell how much I enjoy that :/ Next week I have to go to Aberdeen, the week after the shetlands, the week after that hull...then I have this C# project I'm not looking forward to. squeeze in to that tech support, installations, site visits...and development of new features and patches. My point is, I'm not making excuses. Life as a chap with many hats simply ain't that easy.

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issue : x265 / HEVC - video playbac shows stair-step / zig zag effect1
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