UPnP Remote Media Source no longer works in v17.0
I installed the latest nightly (18.0-ALPHA1, Git: 20180304) on my Windows 10 Desktop today and Kodi no longer detects my remote UPnP server. If I add the correct UPnP path manually, it will not accept it saying the server is not connected. If I drop back to Kodi version 16.1, the UPnP server is detected (using the browse feature) and it works perfectly. 

Note: my logs posted above are no longer available. Ubuntu Pastebin must have removed them

The same here. Kodi 17.4 was working fine. I upgraded to 17.6 and it does not work anymore.

I am using Windows 7 64 bit as server and Shield as client.

Things I have tried:
- Change from Blocked to Allowed in Streaming Options in Windows 7 Control Panel.
- Disable Symantec Firewall (not using Windows Firewall).

I think it must be something related to Windows because it is working in Linux (Ubuntu 16).

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance!!
@bluribb I think you should file a bug report (see link at top of forum page). As your logs seem to have expired you will have to regenerate.
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(2018-03-07, 22:30)nickr Wrote: @bluribb I think you should file a bug report (see link at top of forum page). As your logs seem to have expired you will have to regenerate.
 Thanks. I just did that.

Sorry to bump this thread but it's been nearly 2 years since I first posted this issue and 9 months since I filed a bug report. Is there no-one that could look at my logs to see what the problem is ?

Kodi 18.0-RC2 still has the problem
Hi blueribb ... Below is a new Thread Post I made Yesterday.. so far I have had Zero response or help... I understand your frustration!!
Reading your OP, it seems to me that our problems are related.... Though my problem is about using UPnP  to stream local Media (non-DRM) from my hard drives, Not TV.
When opening these Blank Folders, I do not even get a Spinning Wheel... Though I have had the same experience on occasion as you... "Spinning Wheel, but NO further action", not even an open folder!! 

To verify, can you please check if you are also having a problem with local Media streaming content, and reply hereHuh
This may be a bigger issue than you originally thought. If It does not get resolved, I may have to switch to PLEX on my Android boxes and Raspberry Pi....
Not something I want to do, as I much prefer the KODI Gui to the Plex one.
I use KODi exclusively for to send my extensive Multi-Disk Video content from my PC to My TV by WiFi using "Universal Media Server" on my PC.
For many years, I used an Android box running Kodi Helix v14.2... But it is getting old and beginning to crash... Plus I've added a new TV.
So I bought a new Box running a version of Krypton for the New TV, but I found that though I have UpnP/DNLA set up on the Box and connected to "Universal Media Server",
And all the drives and Top level Folders are Visible, When I click on a Folder, I often get No content showing, Not even a .jpg cover Just a Blank screen in the KODI GUI....
However Other folders I click on show Playable Content, Jpgs and Sub Folders and Content there as well. 
So I Tried another Box running Leia V18.Alpha.....  Same Result... All Drives and Top-Level Folders showing, But only about 50% are showing Content.

So I thought that the Problem can't be KODI, so there must be an issue with these new Android Boxes, and decided to try a Raspberry Pi running the latest version of OSMC and...
Same THING !!!! 

This doesn't make sense.... WHY is some Content shown, and not other... I checked the Files, and it doesn't matter if it is an MKV or an mp4....
In some Folders I see them... In others I just open up a Blank screen....

This is getting Very Frustrating, and if my Old Box running Helix dies, I have no way to send content to my older DUMB-Samsung TV. 

I'm not a Tech or Kodi expert.... ANY Advice ??
Or is there any place I can get an OLD Android or Pi-OS Version of Helix??

Mucho Thanks,
CosmicSurfer - Your problem sounds like it's related to your PC's "Universal Media Server". Have you tried SMB to access your windows shares ?
I run Mezzmo's uPNP server with Kodi 17.x and 18.x clients.  You can keep the Kodi interface.  They also have a Kodi plugin for extended functionality and their tech support is great.  Just another option to consider.
(2018-12-13, 20:52)blueribb Wrote: CosmicSurfer - Your problem sounds like it's related to your PC's "Universal Media Server". Have you tried SMB to access your windows shares ?
 Sorry, but NO, That doesn't correlate with the facts re "Universal Media Server" (UMS)....
First, I have been using UMS for years, and I have NO issue when I use my Android Box with Kodi Helix running. This is ONLY happening on boxes with Newer versions, Krypton and Leia.
Also, there is No consistency or pattern that I can discern... Content is visible and Playable on all Hard drives, and the Multiple Content Top Level Folders are all showing in All Kodi versions...
Kodi is getting this info from UMS, so communication is happening.
It is only when I click to open an actual TV Series or Movie sub-folder that the problem appears... and it has no correlation to folder Age, Hard drive, Content codex or File Type, or any other variable I can think of.
Some Folders contain Content, even in multiple sub folders (like a Multi-season TV Series).... But others have nothing... and no Swirling Circle/Gear to indicate that Kodi was working to search for content either! 
This is why I feel our problems are similar.

Did you check the Streaming ability by WiFi, of Your Local Content on your Computer??
Hmmm... I have a very long Ethernet cable... Long enough to connect with my PC across the room.
I think I'll verify if the issue exists with a Wired Connection as well, or if this is strictly a WiFi connection issue!

Like I said, Very frustrating!!! 
My issue is only with Kodi Krypton and Leia. My UPnP media source is a Verizon Cable TV Box (now called a media server). Kodi detects the server, fills in the channel numbers and names but will no longer play the live TV streams. I get the spinning gear and then back to the channel chart.

Again - rather than battle with a Kodi UPnP issue, have you tried accessing your media using SMB ?
(2018-12-13, 20:52)blueribb Wrote: ....  Have you tried SMB to access your windows shares ?
 Now I can say Yes... I enabled SMB 1.0 and Rebooted... Then tried my different Boxes... On my Old KODI Helix version, still can see and access Everything... So no Change.... Still the Best.
But the the Leia box LOST all Folder access... Even things I could see Before... and the Rasberry Pi, will still only show partial access... In other Words, No Change from the Original problem.

As I am not interested in streaming TV, playing games or any other KODI Add-on use, other than UPnP to stream local Content, I think I just need to find and stick with Early versions.... 

Does anyone know where I can download Early Android VersionsHuh

(2018-12-15, 00:11)blueribb Wrote: Again - rather than battle with a Kodi UPnP issue, have you tried accessing your media using SMB ?
 As My need is to have WiFi access to my Local Computer Hard-Drives, and to use a User friendly GUI to see my Extensive Collection in Folder Views,
rather than string a cable across my room, and to the Bedroom, UPnP connecting with KODI is my exclusive interest... Unless there is some other Wireless Technology I am unaware of.

How early is early?

You can get apk's back to 15.0 (Isengard) here from the mirror server.

If you need Helix or earlier they can be found via a web search quite easily, although from 3rd party sites (so use at your own risk - the above link is our mirror server).
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UPnP Remote Media Source no longer works in v17.000