Bug v17 can't access SMB shares from clean install.
Decided to reset my Fire TV as I have a weird issue where Kodi 17 stops video playback randomly.

Installed v17 RC2 from scratch and discovered that I couldn't browse to any shares on my Windows 10 PC. This also meant that the Media Portal TV backend wouldn't playback as it relies on shares for the timeshift buffer.

ES Explorer could access the shares fine. I installed SPMC 16.5 and this instantly allowed me to browse the SMB shares. I uninstalled v17 and installed Javis 16.1 and that worked fine as well. From there I then installed 17 RC2 as an upgrade and it continued to work fine.

This is a serious issue that my not be picked up by many people for a while as most people will be upgrading.

I've also managed to replicate the exact same scenario on my Fire TV Stick.
You are doing something wrong. I just installed v17 on another SONY TV today and didn't have any issues with shares.
But most definitely there's no bug that would prevent you to access windows machine.
Install Kodi 17. Videos / Files / Add Videos / Browse / Windows Network (SMB) / Workgroup / MYPC / "Error - Connection Timed Out"


Install Kodi 16. Do the exact same thing above - Displays shares.
Upgrade to Kodi 17. Do the steps above - Displays shares.

I've now tested this 3 times on two different Fire TV devices making NO changes to the host PC. Maybe this is specific to the Fire TV, but if not, I'd love to know what you think I'm doing wrong as there aren't that many steps to getting it to go wrong as you can see above.

EDIT: As mentioned in the OP, a clean install of SPMC also works perfectly so I'm struggling to see what I'm doing wrong in v17 but not in v16 and SPMC?
I forgot to mention that I can add a new Network Location, manually specify 192.168.X.X\MYPC\Videos and it will let me access it. Unfortunately adding manual network locations isn't a solution for the PVR backend share access and isnt a fix to the original share browsing bug, just a workaround.
I am having the same problem.

I have installed Kodi 17 and was trying to ad video from a cloud storage on my internal network. It works just find with Kodi 16.1 using SMB. With Kodi 17 it fails to connect. Any idea why I might not be able to connect with SMB.I can connect only with UPnP.
hmmmmm....... I always do network stuff manually with fixed IPs and that works just fine.
Did you try with "add network location..." and then choose SMB under protocol and configure it manually instead of "Windows Network (SMB)"?
Hi, yes as mentioned above, I can add a manual location (my PC has a static IP) and it works fine. It's also worth pointing out that the PVR addon manages to pull down the EPG from the same PC so the basic connection between the Fire TV and the PC is there....it's when Kodi (and the PVR addon) tries to browse for shares that the problem arises.

It seems like installing 16 and creating a connection first does something to the settings which allows version 17 and future browses of SMB to work fine.

I've had to switch to SPMC for the time being as it's my daily driver.

@computerama are you also using a Fire TV (Stick)?


18:49:16.005 T:1110140480  NOTICE: ES: Starting UDP Event server on port 9777
18:49:16.006 T:1110140480  NOTICE: UDP: Listening on port 9777 (ipv6 : false)
18:52:00.291 T:1106920040 WARNING: CSkinInfo: failed to load skin settings
18:53:06.156 T:1412351088   ERROR: SMBDirectory->GetDirectory: Unable to open directory : 'smb://MYPC/'
                                            unix_err:'6e' error : 'Connection timed out'
18:53:08.240 T:1106920040   ERROR: GetDirectory - Error getting smb://MYPC/
18:53:08.241 T:1106920040   ERROR: CGUIDialogFileBrowser::GetDirectory(smb://MYPC/) failed
I am not using a fire TV. I am using Tritina Redot box. I did however get it to work with what I think you said. Uninstall kodi and reinstalled 16.1 then added smb location. After that I upgraded to Kodi 17 and now everything works and I can add more SMB locations.
Yep, that's exactly the workaround I used. Nice to see it replicated.

So with have different devices with the same SMB browsing issue in v17 but not in v16. Both have been fixed by installing and adding a share in v16 first.

Hopefully someone with more understanding of the underlying system will be able to figure out the difference between 16 & 17 in this regard.
I don't think that's the KODI issue anyway. But shitty windows implementation of......well, everything.
Anyway, check this http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=...pid1615607
Hi Kingo

Yeah, that link (and registry change) was the first thing I looked at when it occurred but I don't think it's exactly related - Windows 10 doesn't even have that key for starters. As a developer of 20 years I have to say that merely putting this down to shitty Windows isn't helpful or accurate in this instance. There is clearly a difference between 16 & 17 where SMB browsing is involved. Confirmed by two people on two different devices. I currently have one Fire TV device running 16 fine and the other one on 17 with the browsing issue. I could swap the versions around on these two devices and the same problem would follow the respective version numbers.

Even if Windows sharing is shit (I don't doubt it! Big Grin ) something has changed that's brought this specific issue to light in 17. It would be helpful to acknowledge the change and then either revert it back to what it was in 16 OR enforce the change, blame Windows and stop some people being able to use 17 on new installs with full functionality.

Win10 / Fire TV / 16 = Works
Win10 / Fire TV / 16 > 17 = Works
Win10 / Fire TV / 17 = Fails
Win10 / Fire TV Stick / 16 = Works
Win10 / Fire TV Stick / 16 > 17 = Works
Win10 / Fire TV Stick / 17 = Fails
Win? / RedDot / 16 = Works
Win? / RedDot / 16 > 17 = Works
Win? / RedDot / 17 = Fails
Just a FYI

I have the same exact issue and work around for my Samsung S10.5 tablet and V17 RC1 and 2 with clean install. Manual OK but time out on SMB. So it's a Kodi issue I think. Someone needs to check it out at least. But as I understand there is no one working on android related issues....so it might be while afore it gets fixed.
I too have the exact same problem on my Minix Neo U1.
SMB with Kodi 17 gives timeout error.
If I set it manually it connects - but I've noticed issue playing some videos it stutters like mad and says connection is too slow for video.

Clean install of Kodi 16 has no problems and connection speed is fast.

Definitely. Kodi 17 new BUG
I've created a bug report here: http://trac.kodi.tv/ticket/17200

I may test the same thing on a non-Android device. It's unlikely to occur but if it does, it may improve the chances of it being looked at.
same here on a fresh install of KODI 17 RC2 Sad
can't access to my SMB share.
the only solution , actually : install KODI 16.1 , add SMB share normally in kodi 16.1 and install KODI 17.
it s a massive issue and is very weird that such a bug is present in KODI 17 RC :/

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v17 can't access SMB shares from clean install.2
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