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"Title" display cut off when playing a video
When playing a video the "title" display (mapped to the title button on the xbox1 remote, or the play button on the MCE remote) is cut off on the right side. It's the little black bar with information about CPU usage, FPS, codecs, buffer, etc.

I have an issue where WMV files drop to 10-15fps for 2-3 seconds during trick play (skip forward 30s triggers it) and wanted to see if CPU usage spiked during that period. They're the only files that don't play perfectly on XBMC/linux.

I looked through the XML files hoping this is user-configurable but couldn't find anything. Is this easily fixable at the skin level, or would it require a patch? Would be great if it could use smaller fonts, or wrap around rows when necessary, whatever it takes to display all its information.

"Title" display cut off when playing a video00