v17 Video Playback Stuttering w/Deinterlace Unknown
(2018-01-15, 11:06)FernetMenta Wrote:
(2018-01-14, 09:22)popy Wrote: When I'll have you here I'll must ask another question

It seems that dxva deinterlacing doesnt work good. When I'll switch to sd channel n24, the video settings states - deinterlacing with dxva. When I'll press O it states unknown.
 DXVA does deinterlacing at render stage and this stage does  currently has no means to update deint method shown on player debug screen. Means "unknown" in this case is meaningless.

@afedchin can you answer the other questions?   
Just an Update:
Had trouble with the Intel HD Graphics 2500 which is built in into my rather old i3-3220.
I had that feeling that it could not deinterlace and upscale an SD to Full HD (DXVA enabled).
When i'll was watching the live ticker on news channel N24 the deinterlacing kicked in, and a few seconds later it was interlaced.
This was switching back an forth every few seconds.

Deinterlace OK:

Deinterlace not OK (a few seconds later):

As a result of my findings i have upgraded my HTPC with an passive cooled "MSI GeForce GT 1030 2GH LP OC 2GB" graphics card.
Now, all is working fine on all channels  Big Grin
I can also play 4K movies on my FHD Plasma and the Geforce does the downscaling (gpu load ~30% and cpu load ~10%)
Also the CPU load (= Temp & Fan noise) has reduced to a minimum (~10%).

Just want to let you know.
Maybe someone has the same "performance" issue with rather old Ivy Bridge CPUs.


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Video Playback Stuttering w/Deinterlace Unknown0
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