AAC format How should I setup
Hi I have a Yamaha RX-V475 AV Amp and I belive it is multichannel capable receiver. Physically, I have just two speakers connected to the amp.

I would like to get the best sound possible and I'm wondering how to set up the sound settings for kodi especially with regard to AAC 2.0 and 5.1 stereo files which seem to be 'everywhere'.

So at the moment in sound settings i have set kodi to 2.0 for number of channels. But what if I play a 5.1 AAC video file, shouldn't it set setting to 5.1?

And should I also think about using the transcode option too to get better sound for the AAC?

Sorry I'm a bit of a noob with all of this, appreciate any help...
There's no right or wrong, if there's 5.1 source files and only 2 speakers then it's just a matter of where the downmix from 5.1 to 2.0 occurs. If you've a hdmi connection to AVR then personally I'd try setting Kodi to 5.1 then leave the AVR to do any downmixing.
If your amplifier is smart enough to detect the number of speakers you have connected, as jjd-uk suggests, it should automatically downmix a 5.1 source to stereo on your behalf. Make sure however to connect your HDMI/Optical cable directly to the amplifier, not the TV first, as some TVs only output stereo over HDMI. So if you do upgrade to 5.1 speakers in the future, you may still only get 2.0 stereo going to the amplifier (from the TV).

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AAC format How should I setup0
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