Req Group recordings (TV series)
For my kids I scheduled recordings of various tv series. Over time they have accumulated and fill up my recordings folder.

While on the filesystem they are kept in a separate folder for each tv series and can be easily removed with a few "rm -rf" lines, it is quite a complex task to remove all episodes of a tv series from the kodi gui. Unless I didn't miss any other option to achieve this, I'd really like to have my tv series grouped in series folders that could be deleted with only a few presses on my remote.

What do you think? Could that be implemented in vdr vnsiserver and addon?

1) I noticed there is an option switch "Group items" in the Estuary menu that shows up when you move to the left in the recordings list view. Not sure if this is the intended way to arrrange the recordings into a folder view but, anyway, it makes no difference if the switch is active or not - so it could also be a skin issue.
2) Other pvr addons e.g. for mythtv or wmc, do seem to have a configurable option to display the recodings in groups (config options: never, for series only, always). I'd be very happy if that could be implemented into vnsi in a similar way.
Would second this request :-)
Grouping recordings is a feature your pvr backend must support. I know that tvheadend and mythtv do.
vnsi was the first PVR addon and many PVR were designed after the functionality of VDR. VDR groups recordings in folders, hence this has been working. Unfortunately this feature has beeb broken a couple of times after changes to PVR. I will have a look why it is broken this time.
I implemented grouping of recordings on vnsiserver (this was originaly done by pvr code)
I also fixed display of episode name in vnsi addon.
Perfect. Just tested it. Works like a charm.

Thanks for fixing it so quickly.
Can you please add the new version(s) to the next Libreelec release?
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