How to change episode format from 1x01 to S01E01?
Hey everyone, new to the forum and brand new to Kodi.

So far, I love Kodi and I've been playing with it for days. I've however not been able to figure something out, and it's driving me bananas. I'm probably just totally missing it, and it's probably super easy, but I can't find an answer, so here goes:

I have my TV show library set up so that all shows and episodes are named as follows (example): Better Call Saul S02E01 - Switch. However, within Kodi all episodes in my TV show-view are listed as 2x01 - Switch. I've been looking everywhere how I can change 2x01 to S02E01 (which is my preferred string), but I can't find it.

I've been Googling for days, read the entire Wiki on Naming Video Files several times, searched the forum, played around in the context menu, went through every single setting option in Kodi (both deep within Settings and superficially within the TV Show menu), but I haven't been able to find an answer.

I tried every single possible solution I read, like unchecking 'Replace File Names with Library Titles' in the File Lists menu of Settings, but nothing has helped. Anybody here wanna help a newbie out?

I'm on 16.1 Jarvis, Android TV, Aeon Nox skin, if that info is required. Thanks in advance!
If you're on a windows system grab TheRenamer (wiki), for TV shows it's drag and drop entire folders, it will set all your episodes correctly as posted on one of the four meta-database available. Otherwise the Supplemental tools (wiki) should have a list of popular renaming tools for your platform of choice.
That is the way kodi displays them, afaik there is no way to change it and it is nothing to do with the way the files themselves are named.
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it is indeed not customizable. you can change it at if you are able to brew your own build.
Alright, thanks everyone! I figured there probably wasn't a way to change it. I already use theRenamer for renaming, so I know that isn't gonna change anything, but thanks for confirming what I already thought! Much appreciated, all.

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How to change episode format from 1x01 to S01E01?0
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