Android - [Request] Daydream screensaver

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As there are some screensavers for Android (called "Daydream" sometimes), it would be nice to just launch the assigned android screensaver.

Looks like SPMC is able to do it (there is a screensaver called "System" screensaver.xbmc.builtin.system; which does not work for me either).
I am wondering if it would be possible to release this (or a similar one) as standalone option? Any ideas? Or not possible due to system limitations?

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I would like this as well. I used to use SPMC and the "system" screensaver worked great. Once I switched to Kodi, there was no option available to use this.

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+1 for that

Currently, I have the Dim screensaver working and after 2 minutes the daydream system screensaver kicks in.
The problem is that to get back to Kodi (and stop the daydream screensaver) I have to use the device remote, can't use Yatse b/c it does not trigger a real physical key that terminates Daydream.
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