Updated surfthechannel.com plugin
Gentlemen, please look at the date of the post. 12/06/2008

Surf the channel no longer uses encrypted links and is a matter of building a plugin much like the tvshack plugin.

In fact you could use that as a base to begin.

As for the changing structure, yes it`s annoying, but people are never happy with their layouts....
So is there a working version of this available?

Most download links seem to show 404 file not found.

I used the fix in the first page of this thread (about adding a home.dat file). This stopped the script from failing. But here's the problem:

You see a list like this:
SurfTheChannel.Com-Documentary etc..

but none of these folders have any video files in them.

How can I fix this?
No, doesnt work. You can absoultely try to fix it .. but as others have sadly repeated, if you post that fix back here, the site will likely change to un-fix your fix. Making the loop a frustrating one that will, in the end, cause you to be greedy and keep the fix all to yourself.

So either fix it and be quietly merry while the rest of us get pissed off,
or dont fix it and watch surf the channel from the PC.

As much as I dont like it .. we now watch STC with my laptop connected to my flat-screen. Thats the best we can do
I`m feeling better now and therefore I have decided to play.

I`ll release a plugin in a few days, there, worry over.

Along with a new Anivide plug to stop the Anime section from crying itself to sleep.

Hehe - Jest.
I can't locate the SurfTheChannel plugin anywhere on your google code page. Where can I find it? Or has it been discontinued..
While you're at it could you please create an addon for sidereel.com? PLease, PLease, PLease, Please Wink
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