Krypton RC (video stuttering and IMON freezing)
Hi I have just tried krypton RC (nightly build 9th of january 2017) on windows 7 and the video is stuttering a lot, and everytime I startup kodi my Imon manager is freezing and my remote dont work...

Here is a log I will try and create a full debug log later:
Please remove the log, paste it to or similar and supply the URL they will provide instead.

Or better still, enable debug logging and take a proper debug log (wiki) and upload that to PasteBin instead.
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I will try I am new in this log thingie
Hi again this should be the proper debug log and I tried Kodi krypton RC nightly build and video is still stuttering a lot , and IMON manager is still crashing, I hope this is the full debug log I do not have much experience with this I just try and help out here :
Hi I dont know if this is the right place I hope so, I have postede earlier that there is video issues with RC krypton and posted a debug log, but want to post a issue here to the developers about a IMON manager issue there still is in the new candidate... also so the devolpers see the issues in the right place so I hope this is the right place. I have pasted the debug log here, it is from the previous candidate because it is the same isssues again... I really hope you can fix this soon please, I never had this problem before... I found out that this is the issue : unknown imon hid device , version unknown..... I never had this issue before , and I have not changed IMON manager version...
Try not to multi-post regarding the same issue, I can understand your frustration when it appears that no one is paying any attention. The reality is far different Every post gets a once look-over, and if users can help you get a response, then the mods try their best and then failing that a dev might respond if it suits. In rare cases we don't have a clue and pretty much say so, this is done over a period of time, some answers might not come for months. If it's an important fix, heads are put together.

Your issue seems to fall into one of these boxes, here's some conversations that might lead somewhere.

Suggestion: make a direct appeal to the authors for support; alternatively install known software iterations that did work for you.

I'll move this post back to 'video' support and try to do some condensing. [PatK]
Ok sorry I will remember that. But I never had a problem like this before So i just wanted to tip the developers so they dont launch Krypton the final version with this bug, but again sorry.

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Krypton RC (video stuttering and IMON freezing)0
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