LiveTV > EPG: Selection of future broadcast should not switch to channel
I hope i'm right here.

I always wonder why kodi switches in tv guide to the channel if i press OK on a not yet running /future broadcast. I know this is can be configured to other actions, but not an intelligent action. What I really want - is the same behaviour like windows media center.

  1. If I select something that has not yet started it should ASK me - should this item recorded yes/no? Default to YES.
  2. If broadcast is running, switch the channel.

I'm typically planing recordings and this would safe a lot of clicks. That simplification would be an extreme usability enhancement.

Could you implement this helpful feature please or is there an addon that implements this already?
What shall happen if you select a not yet started event and you answer no to the "do you want to record this show" question?
to me "show info" seems to be the most sane default regardless where you click in the guide
(2017-03-01, 09:31)ksooo Wrote:
Thank you for your help on this.
RPi2 LE v8.0 (+ HDHomeRun ATSC tuner, Tvh, Comskip, zap2epg)

A95X LE v8.2 (kszaq)
Nice improvement !
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LiveTV > EPG: Selection of future broadcast should not switch to channel00