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Thanks Orlando,
already checked that website the other day, but wasn't sure, what is the current situation.

Glad to read, that everything is ok with the project!

Personally I'm not really interested in the whole smart home thing (old school, I know Smile ). My main interest would be the TV & Entertaiment part, maybe gaming to some extent.

Seeing that SmartHomy is supposed to cover so many areas, I'm wondering how dedicated and serious you guys are / will be about the TV & Entertaiment part, i.e. about the software, which is very important.

Especially since you enable watching TV by integtrating a dual tuner, I'm wondering if you plan to make "proper" solution for this part with features like:
- proper channel management: sorting / re-ordering; making own favourites lists with the same channel being in different lists etc.
- using timeshift by simply press the pause key, with the ability to change the timeshift directory
- setting up scheduled times for recording (from EPG and manually), which would "wake up" the device at the desired time without to have to leave it on all the time
- 7 days EPG with possibility to switch to the selected channel or to set up a recording timer
- auto update for EPG data via internet or via a task, that visits the desired channels for a cdertain time over night, for instance. I.e. without the need to visit each channel manually in order to obtain the EPG data
- the ability to use the twin tuner with only one cable either by looping the signal through from one tuner to the other via hardware or via a loop-through cable, so that one can watch a channel and record another one, as long as they are on the same transponder band
- support of USB-cardreader
- PiP functionality (either two TV channels or maybe even a mix of a TV and a streamed channel)
- Full backup functionality, so that one restore a certain state of the system, if there are some problems after an udpated or something like that
- ...

WeTeK fails with many of these points (at least the current Play2) so I have my doubts if the coming Play2S will do any better and look at possible alternatives.

From what I see, there is no mSD card slot, so it's probably not planned to intergrate a dual-boot functionality, so that one can boot your system, or LibreELEC or maybe even an Enigma2 system?

Any chance that it will USB 3.0 and not 2.0?

Will one be able to access the device via FTP and move some files from a PC to an attached USB-HDD that way?

Any info if the sports streaming service DAZN (crrently available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Japan) will be supported? There are DAZN apps for Android / Android TV, but I believe the device needs some kind of approval or so, in order to be supported.

Also from what I've read so far, the combination of AMLogic S912 and Android above Lolipop is causing trouble on all devices. You offer Nougat already, so I wonder if SmartHomy will be affected by those problems too?

Would be great to get some insight and if you need a tester, I'm here.
This does look like a very promising all in one box, like mentioned above for the live TV anything but intel running libreelec leaves a lot to be desired from a software perspective.

I would also like to know the following:
- Does it use custom software for epg, live tv or android TV's standard one?
- What methods of de-interlacing OTA broadcasts will it support?
- What methods of upscaling SD to 1080p will be supported?
- Is recording supported? I'm guessing it's a yes with the dual tuners
- Is live timeshifting supported?
- Will clients on secondary devices (android/kodi) be supported?
- Will there be internal HDD supported or will it have to be external, and will recording/timeshift be supported over SMB etc?
- Will channel management and grouping be supported

I really hope this can be an awesome all in one for people who put OTA functionality as a high priority because at the moment anything on android has been so far behind.
The price of $199 seems to be the pre-order price. The regular will be $349 apprently, according to this post from 25. march in the community area on the SmartHomy website:
Quote:Hello, everyone!

We are very happy to announce that HomyPlayer will be available starting July (Q3-2017) for $349! But, you can pre-order today for $199.

Personally I would like to see the feedback to the above two posts first though.
I will try to reply all questions with more time, I promise and sorry for my delay. But Homy Player won't include internal SSD until next version.

You will be able to install KODI and geeks can customize the rom. We will listen to our customer's recommendations to improve the system on every update. We will try to make happy everyone.

Also, we have opened a forum and we will implement Rewards to our valuable users for their Posts and forum activity. Forum users will be able to exchange these points for a free a Homy Player or accessories when they reach the necessary for it. Sounds good?
Hi Orlando,

sounds good, but there seems to be a problem with the forum: confirmation email isn't being sent, so account can't get activated.

PM me if you need more details, so that it doesn't become too OT here.

Other than that: looking forward to your reply, as I see these as very important. Also the combination of AML S912 / ATV 7 / Kodi 17 seems to be quite problematical at the moment, from what one reads in several threads, so would be good to know, how you will deal with it.
It does look quite nice. I take it the case is plastic, and not reall wood and aluminumSmile
I'd prefer the case a bit smaller but no big deal. The remote looks more useful than than the Shield, and since it supports 4K Netflix etc, have friendly devs that actually talk like normal human beings, I think it might be a good deal Smile
Hi Orlando,

What about Amazon in the meantime?


No replies here or on the dedicated SmartHomy forum.
Any news? @Orlando
3D? Blu-ray menus?

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