TVHeadend - IPTV automatic network scan fails

I added a IPTV automatic network which reads a M3U file. Everything seems to work, the wanted muxes are created but the scan result says "FAILED". If I scan one by one manually it says "OK". Everytime I restart my kodi it says failed again and therefore removes the muxes from the services.

However, I know that they work since I can play them once I scan them manually. My question now is, how can I avoid the scanning so that tvheadend does not scan them and remove them from my services?



System: Kodi 17 RC
TVHeadend: 4.1.2309
Tvheadend scans the m3u of an automatic network every hour by default. If the URL of a mux changes between scans, it removes the services, updates the mux URL, and then scans it again. All of this happens without interaction from Kodi, and it is not a part of this equation at all.
Thanks a lot for this information. This makes sense but why does it remove the mapped channels once it rescans them?
It removes the service, because the mux has changed and needs to be rescanned. The channel mapping is removed because the service it was mapped to no longer exists.

When creating your network, make sure you check the maximum number of streams and set this to what your provider allows. Most often this will be 1 or 2, but it can vary.
I changed the maximum now to 1 and the scans work now. I still did not get it. I thought the reason for the IPTV automatic network is that I can import a m3u playlist from the internet which could change from time to time. But the changes mostly affect the URL inside the m3u file and if so, the mapped channels just update. If another mux is added of course I would have to map it since it does not exist.

Lets say I do have a m3u file where the channels are always the same but the URLs of each mux change daily. How would I manage to keep my mapped channels even after URL change within the m3u file?
You don't. The reason for the Automatic IPTV network exists is not to load playlists from the internet, but to make it easier to get a large number of URL muxes in.

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TVHeadend - IPTV automatic network scan fails0
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