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Skin MOD - [DESCONTINUED] Arctic: Zephyr - Advanced Launchers Support (v0.9.0 Beta)
This mod is discontinued and a newer version is integrated on the new skin mod that I made HERE

Download v0.9.0
Only Compatible with Kodi 17 Krypton[/align]


We all know why we love this skin, it's clean, simple, beautiful, modern and right to the point, oh my god, does it look good! However it always lacked the support for some Addons namely the Advanced Emulator Launcher (AEL) and the Advanced MAME Launcher (AML). So I decided to go to work and made this mod. Keep in mind that I'm a beginner, and it needs more work to fully support the addons. For now it shows all the metadata and the main artwork.

  1. Download and extract
  2. Paste all the .xml files to the folder %appdata%\Kodi\addons\skin.arctic.zephyr\1080i
  3. Done!

  • When using views with trailers the videos still play when the user leaves the addon, like the movies or series when you leave the player, it still plays on the background. Don't know if it is possible to disable this just for the add-ons.
  • The "now playing" on the top right corner. I know it can be disable, but I wanted to disable just for the addons or program section, don't know if it's possible.
  • Release date doesn't appear on the "Media info" view
  • It's not actually a problem but it would be cool if the trailer started, for example, on the 5 sec mark to skip the PEGI stuff.
  • The labels not work for now.When the implementation of them is solid on the Launchers, I will add them to the MOD.

  • Dropped the Advanced Launcher because is discontinued and has problems with Krypton.
  • Everyone is welcome to help on this mod even because I'm a beginner in skinning so I could use a little help from more experienced people. If you have some solutions for the problems that I mentioned, feel free to share them.
  • These Advanced Launchers are currently under active development so may be subject to change that can cause some issues with this mod. I think it will be easy to fix.
  • When the Arctic: Zephyr skin is updated it can change some of the views or disable some on the addons.You may need to copy the files again (Excluding MyPrograms and Includes) or the MOD could need some minor updates

  • jurialmunkey
  • Wintermute0110
  • Rufoo
  • RazorFR
  • loggio
thanks KODser ill have a try at the weekend. good to see more skin adaptions for AEL
does it support the trailers ie when a game is higlighted the trailer starts playing
You are welcome, just minor code changes really. the beauty was already there.
Yes, there are two views that can show the fanart or the trailer.

Now, what I wanted to do but lack have the knowledge an talent, is to convert the "DialogVideoInfo" (info that appears on moviews or series when you press the "i" key) to be used on the addon, but with the metadata changes (this metadata changes I can do). The skin "rapier" has this feature. it has a info window inside the addon, but there are at least three files needed to do it and the code is completely different of the Arctic: Zephyr so for a beginner like me is extremely difficult to understand and replicate with the code changes. Maybe there is a easier way, I don't know...
Hi KODser, 0.9.5 was released and the ROM Collection importing/exporting should be working OK.

If you want to have a Sonic The Hedgehog ROM Collection with full artwork (only first ROM has flyer and some banners are missing, though) please download these 2 files: Sonic.json and Sonic_assets.json. Place them together in a directory than can be read by Kodi. Go to ROM Collections context menu, Import Collection, navigate and select Sonic.json. When you are asked if you want to import assets then select YES. You should have a brand new Sonic ROM Collection with (almost) all artwork in place.

Yesterday I told you that in order to support AEL you will need at least 2 views: One for Categories/Launchers and another for ROMs. Actually, you will need 3 views: one for Cateogires/Launchers, one for Console ROMs and another for Arcade/MAME ROMs. Reason is that the artwork available for Console and Arcade ROMs is quite different: for example, most Arcade ROMs have flyer but only a few Console ROMs have flyer. Also, Boxfront, boxback and cartridge when using a MAME launcher should contain cabinets, control panels and PBCs. Have a look at the second post in AEL thread for examples using the AEL debug view. In a few days I will publish an arcade collection you can use to test/develop your views.

Any question you may have or any request please ask in this thread or in AEL thread.
Thanks for the help. I'm currently working on an info page, but i'm having some difficulties (nothing to do with the add-on). There is no need for more views. On the info page it show the cartrage or the PCB on the top right with the correct aspect ratio

on the view types, if it has flyer, it shows the Flyer, if not, it shows the poster, if not, it shows the boxfront or cabinet and so on. I guess this can be done with the !IsEmpty($INFO[ListItem.something])

You can see the info page and the issues that I'm having here -

Work In Progress

Some work in progress for you guys to see.
This looks great so far. Keep up the good work Smile Does it support the "wall" view?
New version of the skin MOD is available on the main Post. All the known issues on the last version were fixed, more views and a info page were added.
Hope you like it!

Best regards
Great! I'm going to try it as soon as possible, thanks!

One question: are the widgets in the home screen supported too?
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In case you found useful my work, feel free to offer me a cappuccino!
(2017-01-25, 11:22)axlt2002 Wrote: Great! I'm going to try it as soon as possible, thanks!

One question: are the widgets in the home screen supported too?
You're welcome. The widgets always supported these add-ons. You just need to "Customize Main Menu", add new category were you want and choose the item, widget and the Label -
(2017-01-25, 17:48)KODser Wrote:
(2017-01-25, 11:22)axlt2002 Wrote: Great! I'm going to try it as soon as possible, thanks!

One question: are the widgets in the home screen supported too?
You're welcome. The widgets always supported these add-ons. You just need to "Customize Main Menu", add new category were you want and choose the item, widget and the Label

Well done KODser! I will advertise your mod in AEL/AML threads.

Also, one question. How can you change the view of the widgets on the main menu?
Thanks. Your add-ons deserve the best.
I guess I didn't understand the question. Everyting in the widgets was not changed and I didin't did any work on it, it does't need it. All the credit goes to jurialmunkey.
About the views, If you're talking about link other emulators or other games, it's possible to choose the path you want so the widget can show it. Example, if you want to see the favorites, you just need to go configure skin > costumize Home menu > "choose the section you created"> widget > Add-Ons > Advanced Emulator Launcher > Favorites > Use as widget.
In the example of the Sonic, if you want to see more games, you press the up key and go right and left.
I use Arctic Zephyr: From Ashes, Is it possible to use your mode?
I will assume that you can't use this mode on the "Zephyr: From Ashes". The views and info pages are quite different.

Best regards

EDIT - Added a new section to show Work in Progress for next version
just a quick one it looks good from the picture's only 1 thing is not completly clear to me

does it support gameplay video's ?

[DESCONTINUED] Arctic: Zephyr - Advanced Launchers Support (v0.9.0 Beta)00