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I just downloaded a program titled Easy Wallpapers. To save an image you have to right click to download and save. I can't get the right click to work on my Android device but it will work well on my computer. Any ideas why this is happening or what I can do to correct this problem? Thanks
...and you decided to ask this in Kodi forum because....?
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
I think this forum is supposed to address issues that are KODI problems? This is an addon for Kodi so I thought someone there would be able to at least point me in the right direction. YOU obviously do not know the answer so there are probably more intelligent individuals that can. Oh, by the way I figured it out on my own.
Pretty arrogant for 2nd post... probably 15 and parents didnt teach you good behaviour. But speaking of intelligentce, you wrote:

>> I just downloaded a program titled Easy Wallpapers

If it is a PROGRAM, then it is a different PROGRAM than Kodi. You never mentioned it is an Addon.
Kodi addons: Lanik repo
Stop it you two.

Try the context menu on your remote. Or c on your keyboard.
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