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Shutdown Menu Request
I run LibreELEC from one of my systems from an SD Card, retaining the original Android OS on the NAND memory, so I can Dual-Boot.

It was just pointed out to me that there is a 'Reboot to Nand' option in the Shutdown menu of the LibreELEC Confluence Skin;
I had never noticed it because as soon as I install a new system, I switch to BGN Big Grin
That option just does not appear in BGN so I was oblivious to it.

I created a new image of LibreELEC and left it in the Confluence Skin and sure enough, it is right there as one of the options in the Shutdown menu.

It's not part of the BGN menu as-is, but obviously the capability is there within the LibreELEC OS:
How can I create a sub-menu command to utilize "Reboot to NAND" ?

It would really be most useful to have this.
This would be applicable for both BGN v5.x and v6.x
FWIW I've added this to a submenu in xonfluence - the relevant entry in my settings.xml is:
<setting id="UserSubFive.7.Path" type="string">System.ExecWait(&quot;/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand&quotWink</setting>

I'd imagine it might be awkward to add to the shutdown menu (unless you're editing it yourself), as AFAIK it's only relevant on kszaq's amlogic libreelec builds.

Edit: no, I don't have a smiley in my settings.xml.
Can you give any guidance here @Tgxcoporation?
Don't expect you to include this option universally, (unless you want to, of course Big Grin) but if you can suggest how I would go about how/where to add it myself, that would be great.
Basically you have to add an item to the list of items in DialogButtonMenu.xml such as:

<item id="141">
   <label>Reboot from Nand</label>

Or in a simplier way, use the Favourites feature described here:
I had to delete the Android line and after that it worked!
That included it in the hidden toolbar menu ....

Then I created a custom submenu item under main menu quit
using Custom command - System.ExecWait("/usr/sbin/rebootfromnand")
I just did this on Kodi 17 version (kszaq LibreElec Beta 8.0) -for BGN 6.x also

Similarly amend the DialogButtonMenu.xml

<item id="29">
        <label>Reboot from internal</label>
hi, can we please explain how to do this to a neewbie like me..
where i need to put this string and how..
thank you in advance.. Smile

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