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DVBLink addon crashes on start Kodi 16.1
Hi, I just updated my media center. First I updated Kodi from 15.2 to 16.1. After that I confirmed that the DVBLink PVR addon was available: on the homepage it loads TV and Radio button correctly. After that I updated DVBLink from 5.5 to 6.0 and at the start of Kodi no buttons for TV and Radio were shown. I disabled the addon and re-enabled it again, checked settings within this addon and tried to update it, all to no avail.

Logs are here:

So, no live TV at this moment.... Please help....

Presumably you've rebooted? I always clear database under setting - that usually works for me.
I think you're seeing this bug:

which from my limited understanding is being addressed.

When I had the problem I recreated the database TV29.db - I think.

Go to go out now. I'll come back later.

From the description of the bug, I think clearing the db - as suggested above - is also a work around.
Thanks, i'll look into that when I get home.
I deleted the file TV29.db, restarted Kodi and everything immediately turned into business as usual. Thanks for your help!

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